Japan utility repairing reactors near Fukushima via USA Today (AP)

TOKYO (AP) — The operator of Japan’s tsunami-ravaged nuclear plant says it is repairing four reactors at a less-damaged nearby plant despite demands from local residents that it be scrapped.
Community leaders have demanded that Tokyo Electric Power Co. decommission all reactors at both the badly damaged Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant and the nearby Fukushima Dai-ni plant.

The Dai-ni plant was hit by a smaller tsunami and suffered less damage, but residents fear it is unsafe.
TEPCO says it will decommission four reactors at the Dai-ichi plant. But TEPCO President Naomi Hirose said Wednesday it hasn’t decided on the fate of the Dai-ni plant.
Thousands protested last weekend against the restart of another reactor in western Japan. It will be the first to go back online since all reactors were shut for safety checks after the Fukushima disaster.

Japan utility repairing reactors near Fukushima

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