At Least 130 Vermont Yankee Protesters Arrested via VPR News

(Keese) The mood seemed almost jubilant on the Brattleboro common as protestors from at least three states gathered on the Brattleboro Common for the 3-mile march to Entergy headquarters.
The Yankee plant is in Vernon, but the company’s offices are in Brattleboro.
There were string bands and brass bands, paper mached puppets and flowing banners, people in costumes and on stilts: But the message was serious:
(Dorsey) “We come peacefully to Entergy headquarters today with this message: Your time is up”
(Keese) Cort Dorsey is with the Sage Alliance, which organized the march. The group, whose letters stand for Safe and Green Energy, worked with law enforcement officers to keep it peaceful and respectful.
Yankee’s initial 40-year license expired Wednesday. The plant is still running, under a 20-year extension from the federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission – despite a vote by the state senate not to allow the plant to continue operating in Vermont.
Many people wore T-shirts from the Occupy Wall Street movement. Dorsey called Entergy a rogue corporation.

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