Japanese discuss Fukushima one year later via MidHudsonRadio.com

It was within that context that four visiting Japanese citizens involved in the Fukushima disaster spoke at a conference on emergency preparedness at Manhattanville College in Purchase on Monday.

Kazuhiko Amano, a researcher at the Fukushima University Institute for Disaster Relief, said that a nuclear disaster has a profound and unique effect on the impacted community.  Amano said that in the event of a radiological leak, the affected people will lose their “ancestral home.”

“You are going to lose the place that you grew up in.  That home is going to disappear from you.  That’s going to make your life where you don’t have a past,” Amano said.

The disastrous release of radiation, caused by an offshore earthquake and the devastating tsunami waves that resulted from it, led to an evacuation of the entire area within a 12 mile radius of the plant.

Noriyuki Kitajima volunteered beginning in September to help clean the site, and is now employed full-time as a subcontractor, working in the trenches to help repair the damage and remove radioactive contaminants.

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