Japan too slow in Fukushima health checks-rights group via Reuters

(Reuters) – A year after the Fukushima nuclear crisis, Japan’s government is still too slow in providing health checks and information to residents, leaving them confused and suspicious of authorities, Human Rights Watch said on Tuesday.

“A year on, we are really not seeing basic health services being offered in an accessible way and we are not seeing accurate, consistent, non-contradictory information being disclosed to people on a regular basis,” Jane Cohen, a researcher at the New York-based rights group, told Reuters.

“People have to at least be equipped with accurate information so that they are evaluating their situation based on real facts.”

The tsunami that hit Japan’s Pacific coast last March 11 devastated the Fukushima nuclear power plant, 240 km (150 miles) northeast of Tokyo, causing radiation leaks that contaminated land, air and water and forced tens of thousands to flee.

Mny residents in Fukushima prefecture have since been living with fears about the health effects from radiation.

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  1. Daniel Kahl says:

    Excuse me? How the heck is the Japanese supposed to give “consistent, non-contradictory information” about the health effects of minimal exposure to radiation when all the anti-nuke groups out there do nothing but contradict the government at every turn. The problem here is not that the government is not releasing pertinent information. We are swamped by it everyday. Check a few of their web-sites. The problem is the anti-nuke fringe groups and their propaganda. They muddy the waters so enthusiastically that the average citizen becomes confused.

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