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Fukushima rice farmers innovate to survive, 10 years after disaster via fikiss.net

Fukushima – Though the 2011 nuclear catastrophe in Fukushima Prefecture nonetheless casts a shadow over native agriculture a decade later, rice farmers are working to shake off radiation-related rumors and cross on Fukushima’s rice farming to the subsequent era. Some are … Continue reading

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Fukushima radiation damages rice genome via The Ecologist

A study in the American Genetic Association’s Journal of Heredity examines the detailed genetic alterations of the all-important young rice plant when exposed to low-level radiation – that emitted by the Fukushima nuclear plant a year after the disaster. Previous … Continue reading

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Fukushima Crisis Continues, Was Worse Than First Reported via Reader Supported News

by William Boardman obody in the world knows how to dispose of radioactive waste safely and permanently. That’s a given. The Japanese central government is presumably aware that anything it does with still the unmeasured but vast amount of radioactive … Continue reading

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Rice from Fukushima served in govt. dining room via NHK World

[…] Rice was cultivated in several decontaminated fields in Yamakiya District in Kawamata Town and Iitate Village as part of a test. The 2 areas were designated as evacuation zones after the 2011 nuclear accident. Officials from Fukushima Prefecture say … Continue reading

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Farmers plant rice in former no-go zone in Fukushima for the first time via JDP

For the first time since the March 2011 nuclear accident in the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, farmers in the Miyakojimachi district of Tamura have begun planting rice in what was once a no-go zone. It’s also the first time that … Continue reading

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Farmer plows own antiradiation furrow via The Japan Times

At the end of March 2011, a few weeks after the Great East Japan Earthquake, 20 rice farmers affiliated to J-Rap, an agricultural distribution company in Sukagawa, central Fukushima Prefecture, got together to assess the situation. […] Ito argued otherwise, … Continue reading

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Japanese Consumers Reconsidering Rice Loyalty via The New York Times

TOKYO — In the four months that Walmart has been selling low-cost Chinese rice here, the big American retailer has struggled to keep shelves stocked at some stores. A Japanese chain, Beisia, also sold Chinese-grown rice for the first time … Continue reading

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Fukushima rice in cesium limbo via The Japan Times Online

Autumn is high season for freshly harvested “shinmai,” the new rice marketed as a seasonal favorite in Fukushima Prefecture. But the farmers there fear their fare will go unsold because harvests around three cities have turned up excessive levels of … Continue reading

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