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Why didn’t the US “ground” its Fukushimas? via Beyond Nuclear International

By Linda Pentz Gunter Ralph Nader* the country’s leading consumer advocate, hit the nail on the head last Wednesday when he labeled the United States Federal Aviation Adminstration’s (FAA) hesitance to ground the Boeing 737 Max 8 an example of … Continue reading

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The Fukushima Secrecy Syndrome – From Japan to America via Information Clearing House

By Ralph Nader January 24, 2014 “Information Clearing House – Last month, the ruling Japanese coalition parties quickly rammed through Parliament a state secrets law. We Americans better take notice. Under its provisions the government alone decides what are state … Continue reading

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Beyond Nuclear joins with Ralph Nader to promote carbon-free, nuclear-free energy economy via Beyond Nuclear

On Dec. 12th, Beyond Nuclear’s Kevin Kamps joined with Ralph Nader (photo, left) in an hour-long presentation to the Climate Reality Check Coalition on why nuclear power is a false solution to the climate crisis. As described in the event … Continue reading

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Atomic Energy – Unnecessary, Uneconomic, Uninsurable, Unevacuable and Unsafe via Reader Supported News

t has been over two years since the earthquake and tsunami that brought about the nuclear reactor crisis in Fukushima — the largest nuclear disaster since Chernobyl in 1986. The situation at the six plants is still grim. Four of … Continue reading

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RALPH NADER TO JOIN FORMER JAPANESE PRIME MINISTER NAOTO KAN AND OTHERS FOR NUCLEAR PANEL DISCUSSIONS Seminars to focus on ongoing lessons from Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear catastrophe and the future of nuclear power in New York and Boston Seminar Tuesday, Oct. … Continue reading

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