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In Rural Fukushima, ‘The Border Between Monkeys And Humans Has Blurred via NPR

Shuichi Kanno rips tape off the top of a large cardboard box at his house in the mountains in Fukushima prefecture in Japan. He opens the box and rustles around to pull out pack after pack of long, thin Roman … Continue reading

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**Data on leukemia and other cancers (2010-2017) from Minamisoma Municipal General Hospital (Part 2) via Watanabe Etsuji**

**Inquiries have been made to Minamisoma Municipal General Hospital as to the precise meaning of the numbers they released. Further responses will be posted on this site.** (Data on leukemias, cancers, and a few other select illnesses obtained by Minamisoma … Continue reading

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Data on illnesses other than cancer (2010-2017) from Minimamisoma Municipal General Hospital, Fukushima (Part 1) via Etsuji Watanabe

( Minamisoma City Councilperson Koichi Oyama succeeded in having Minamisoma Municipal Hospital disclose patient statistics from 2010-2017 for public discussion at a Council meeting on September 12, 2018. “Summary” below calculated by Etsuji Watanabe from figures in “Disorders” chart obtained … Continue reading

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Doubts cloud Minamisoma robotics project as Fukushima attempts to revive tsunami-hit city via The Japan Times

A coastal area in Fukushima Prefecture’s Minamisoma, which seven years ago was overtaken by tsunami debris, is set to be resurrected as a major robotics research site. The Fukushima Robot Test Field, a 50-hectare site being built by the Fukushima … Continue reading

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Japan: Returning home after Fukushima nuclear disaster via Aljazeera

Minamisoma returnees keen to rebuild lives after lifting of evacuation order for first time since 2011 nuclear disaster. Fukushima, Japan – This week, authorities lifted an evacuation order for nearly all parts of Minamisoma city, Fukushima prefecture, allowing more than … Continue reading

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530 Minamisoma residents sue government over hot spot delisting via The Japan Times

Some 530 residents of a city near the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant filed a lawsuit Friday demanding that the central government revoke a decision to remove their districts from a list of radiation hot spots, ending their entitlement to … Continue reading

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Small radiation hot spots in Fukushima to be declared safe via The Japan Times

This Sunday, officials will lift an evacuation advisory for 142 locations in the city of Minamisoma, which will affect 152 households, Yosuke Takagi, state minister of economy, trade and industry, said this weekend during a briefing to residents. Amid complaints … Continue reading

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First study reports very low internal radioactivity after Fukushima disaster via Washington Post

Japanese researchers have found very low amounts of radioactivity in the bodies of about 10,000 people who lived near the Fukushima Daiichi power plant when it melted down. The first published study that measured the radiation within a large number … Continue reading

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Near Fukushima, Japan, famed mayor loses residents’ support via The LA Times

Residents turn against Mayor Katsunobu Sakurai after he urges them to help with the nuclear cleanup in Minamisoma, Japan, a town just 15 miles from the stricken Fukushima plant. December 01, 2011|By John M. Glionna, Los Angeles Times Reporting from … Continue reading

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Fukushima evacuees weigh risks of return via The Japan Times

MINAMISOMA, Fukushima Pref. — Kimie Furuuchi recently received a letter encouraging her to come home. Signed by the mayor, it began, “Dear Minamisoma Evacuee. . . .” “We are trying to create the environment where all evacuees can come back … Continue reading

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