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How Japanese scientists confronted the U.S. and Japanese governments to reveal the effects of Bikini H-bomb tests via Asia-Pacific Journal

The original Japanese text can be found here. […] After World War II when Japan was under Allied Occupation (1945-1952), research on atomic energy was strictly prohibited. However, in 1950 permission was granted for research on radioactive isotopes. Okano traveled throughout … Continue reading

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ビキニ水爆実験被爆者 元第五福竜丸乗組員 大石又七/Matashichi Oishi, former crew of the Lucky 5th Dragon, Hibakusya from Bikini nuclear test via Save Kids Japan

福島原発大事故は今から五七年前に起きたビキニ事件の原点にさかのぼって考えなければ正しい答えは出てこないと思っています。誰がなぜ、危険な原発を地震大国である日本に導入したか、そこが一番重要なところだと思います。 I believe we cannot have a correct understanding of Fukushima nuclear accident unless we look back the Bikini Incident 57 years ago. The most important point is, who and why a dangerous nuclear power plant was introduced to Japan, … Continue reading

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The link between Castle Bravo and modern environmentalism via Bulletin of Atomic Scientists

By William Souder Sixty years ago, in the predawn hours of March 1, 1954, a Japanese tuna boat named Daigo Fukuryu Maru (“Lucky Dragon no. 5”) was fishing near the Marshall Islands in the central Pacific. Its engine off, the … Continue reading

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‘No more hibakusha’ takes on new meaning after 3/11′ via The Japan Times

Commentary/World By Ryan Masaaki Yokota CHICAGO – I remember quite vividly the televised news of the 2011 earthquake that hit the Tohoku region. Like most of the world, I watched in horror at the destructive force of the tsunami that … Continue reading

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From “Black Rain” to “Fukushima”: The Urgency of Internal Exposure Studies via Japan Focus

Masuda Yoshinobu Translated by Sakai Yasuyuki and Steve Leeper Internal exposure has become a major public concern as a result of the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear disaster. Hiroshima’s “black rain” was the first event that revealed the significance of internal exposure. … Continue reading

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Radiation as Cultural Talisman: Nuclear Weapons Testing and American Popular Culture in the Early Cold War via Japan Focus

Robert Jacobs Introduction On what appeared to be a normal day off the Pacific coast of California, Scott Thomas was relaxing on his boat and enjoying a peaceful day of leisure. His wife had just gone below to grab two … Continue reading

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Social Fallout: Marginalization After the Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown via Japan Focus

Robert Jacobs On March 1, 1954 a Japanese tuna trawler was at sea in the Marshall Islands. Quite unexpectedly grey ash began to fall like snow and covered the boat and crew. It was not snow; it was radioactive fallout … Continue reading

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