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Low Dose Ionizing Radiation Shown to Cause Cancer in Review of 26 Studies via National Cancer Institute

July 13, 2020, by DCEG Staff An international team of experts in the study of cancer risks associated with low-dose ionizing radiation published the monograph, “Epidemiological studies of low-dose ionizing radiation and cancer: Summary bias assessment and meta-analysis,” in the Journal … Continue reading

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Unreported Deaths, Child Cancer & Radioactive Meat: The Untold Story of Chernobyl via Democracy Now!

Following a mysterious nuclear accident in Russia that left seven dead, we look back at the 1986 nuclear disaster in Chernobyl. It sent a cloud of radioactive fallout into Russia, Belarus and over a large portion of Europe, but the … Continue reading

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Radiation Impact Studies: Chernobyl and Fukushima via Dissident Voice

[…] The short answer to the supposition that a “little dab of radiation is A-Okay” may be suggested in the title of a Washington Blog d/d March 12, 2014 in an interview of Dr. Timothy Mousseau, the world-renowned expert on … Continue reading

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Researchers pin down risks of low-dose radiation via Nature

Large study of nuclear workers shows that even tiny doses slightly boost risk of leukaemia. For decades, researchers have been trying to quantify the risks of very low doses of ionizing radiation — the kind that might be received from … Continue reading

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The low-level nuclear threat via Nature

Europe is making a good start on learning about the health risks of low-dose radiation with a programme to share cold-war data and set research priorities. But the effort needs to be global. Fear of the effects of an atomic … Continue reading

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