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Welsh politicians urge openness on impact of mud from nuclear power station via The Guardian

Hinkley Point C building site waste due to be dumped in sea near Cardiff The builders of the Hinkley Point C nuclear power station must be completely open about the potential environmental impact of dumping tens of thousands of tonnes … Continue reading

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New nuclear power plants linked to Trident weapons via The Tribune

Senior civil servants have revealed that the government’s decision to build a new generation of civil nuclear power stations starting with Hinkley Point is linked to maintaining enough skills to keep Britain’s nuclear deterrent. The disclosure came at a hearing … Continue reading

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EDF continues course for renewables as UK nuclear prices hit bottom line via Clean Energy

French energy major EDF has pointed towards a future more renewable after collapsing nuclear power prices in the UK sent its earnings down by one-fifth. […] The differing performance of EDF’s separate units follows yet more difficult headlines for the … Continue reading

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Toshiba’s US nuclear problems provide cautionary tale for UK via The Guardian

The roots of Toshiba’s admission this week that it has serious doubts over its “ability to continue as a going concern” can be found near two small US towns. It is the four reactors being built for nuclear power stations … Continue reading

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Hitachi Keeps Faith in U.K. Nuclear Plan as Green Costs Drop via Bloomberg

Hitachi Ltd.’s U.K. nuclear unit is sticking with its “aggressive” plan to build at least four reactors in the U.K. even as wind, solar and battery technology costs keep falling. Renewable energy still needs to be complemented by round-the-clock output … Continue reading

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Nuclear alert: 130 security breaches at UK atomic facilities in last 5 years via RT

Civil Nuclear Constabulary (CNC) officers, charged with guarding the UK’s nuclear sites, admit there have been 130 security breaches over the last five years, including a handgun going missing and the keys to Hinkley Point power station getting lost. The … Continue reading

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Theresa May delays China-France nuclear plant at Hinkley Point via Press TV

British Prime Minister Theresa May has personally intervened to delay the construction of a controversial nuclear power plant at Hinkley Point C to further review the costly project. May’s predecessor David Cameron promoted the £18 billion project by French energy … Continue reading

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French nuclear company EDF to get cash infusion via DW

The French government has said it will go ahead with a 4-billion-euro share issue for state-controlled electricity firm EDF. The move will help finance the construction of two controversial nuclear reactors in the UK. The French state – which holds … Continue reading

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EDF’s Hinkley Point deal over radioactive waste sparks anger via The Guardian

FOI complainant criticises ministers over refusal to disclose agreement with energy supplier for planned nuclear plant A furious row has broken out after the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) refused to disclose the arrangement with EDF for dealing … Continue reading

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French unions deliver new blow to Hinkley Point nuclear power scheme via The Daily Mail

The Hinkley Point nuclear power station project suffered a fresh setback as it emerged trade unions are “unlikely” to back the scheme, which is being developed by French energy giant EDF. The £18 billion project to build the new plant … Continue reading

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