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New study on nuclear testing in French Polynesia reveals France’s ‘censorship and secrecy’ via The World

More than 400 claims have been filed against the French government for nuclear tests on French Polynesia between 1966 and 1996. Scientists say about 110,000 people have been affected by radioactive fallout. By Ashley Westerman It’s been nearly two decades since … Continue reading

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France owes a debt to French Polynesia over nuclear tests, says Macron via euronews

By Jahanzeb Hussain French President Emmanuel Macron said France was in debt to French Polynesia over nuclear tests that were conducted in the Pacific territory in the 1960s and 1970s. Speaking in Papeete on Tuesday, Macron said: “I want to break … Continue reading

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The Taishan death blow via Beyond Nuclear International

By Stéphane Lhomme, Nuclear Observatory If the opacity maintained by the Chinese regime prevents us, for the time being, from knowing the exact consequences of the radioactive leak involving the EPR no.1 reactor at Taishan, revealed on June 14 by … Continue reading

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France reaches deal to send back nuclear waste to Germany via rfi

Paris and Berlin have reached an agreement in principle to allow the return of nuclear waste processed in France to Germany by 2024.  […] German energy firms sent the spent nuclear fuel to Cogema facility (now part of Orano) in Normandy for … Continue reading

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Nuclear reactor problem a new headache for designer and China via Daily Mail

By AFP The emergence of problems in a new-generation nuclear reactor in China threatens to undermine efforts by its French designer to sell it elsewhere, and could hurt Beijing’s nuclear industry, analysts said. French energy giant EDF and the Chinese government … Continue reading

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China nuclear reactor: French partner calls meeting over leak via Al Jazeera

A Chinese nuclear power plant is raising concerns on Monday after the facility’s minority French owner said it had been informed of a leak in one of the power station’s reactors and has called a meeting with its Chinese partner … Continue reading

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High Renewables in France – it can be done via Renew Extra Weekly

March 27, 2021 At present France gets around 109 TWh of its electrical power from around 53GW of renewables and it is aiming to treble that to 300TWh by 2030, while also reducing the share of nuclear in electricity generation, … Continue reading

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Toxique: The Aftermath of French Nuclear Testing in the South Pacific via Princeton School of Public and International Affairs

By B. Rose Huber Between 1966 and 1996, the French government conducted 193 nuclear weapon tests in the islands of the South Pacific. These explosions profoundly altered the health, wellbeing, and environment of the people living in this region, who … Continue reading

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France grossly underestimated radioactive fallout from atom bomb tests, study finds via Science

By Adrian Cho From 1966 to 1974, France blew up 41 nuclear weapons in above-ground tests in French Polynesia, the collection of 118 islands and atolls that is part of France. The French government has long contended that the testing was … Continue reading

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French report grapples with nuclear fallout from Algerian War via the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists

By Austin R. Cooper | March 4, 2021 In January, the French historian Benjamin Stora filed a report commissioned by the French President Emmanuel Macron aimed at “reconciliation of memories between France and Algeria,” which France ruled as the jewel of its colonial empire … Continue reading

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