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France owes a debt to French Polynesia over nuclear tests, says Macron via euronews

By Jahanzeb Hussain French President Emmanuel Macron said France was in debt to French Polynesia over nuclear tests that were conducted in the Pacific territory in the 1960s and 1970s. Speaking in Papeete on Tuesday, Macron said: “I want to break … Continue reading

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France grossly underestimated radioactive fallout from atom bomb tests, study finds via Science

By Adrian Cho From 1966 to 1974, France blew up 41 nuclear weapons in above-ground tests in French Polynesia, the collection of 118 islands and atolls that is part of France. The French government has long contended that the testing was … Continue reading

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Outrage in Tahiti over French nuclear law moves via RNZ

There has been an outcry in French Polynesia over moves by the French National Assembly to slip a clause about compensation over nuclear weapons testing into Covid-19 legislation. […] The French government wants to re-introduce the concept of neglible risk … Continue reading

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Nine French nuclear test veterans to get compensation via Radio New Zealand International

The administrative appeal court in the French city of Bordeaux has given nine former nuclear test veterans the right to be compensated by the state for damage to their health. […] The claimants had served in Algeria and French Polynesia … Continue reading

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South Pacific islands prepare to sue French government for $1billion over nuclear tests via The Independent

The French Polynesia Assembly is preparing to ask Francois Holland’s government for nearly a billion dollars in compensation for damage caused to the islands by nuclear weapons tests. Conservative anti-independence Tahoera’a Huiraatira party committee has apparently taken issue with the … Continue reading

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Don’t destroy the monument of the victims of nuclear tests in French Polynesia via Avaaz.org

Why this is important to me Gaston Flosse, the current president of French Polynesia has decided to remove the monument tha was erected in Papeete in memory of victims of nuclear testing. This monument was inaugurated by Mr Oscar Temaru, … Continue reading

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