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Meet the Fukushima 50? No, you can’t via The Economist

IT HAS taken the Japanese government more than 18 months to pay tribute to a group of brave men, once known as the “Fukushima 50”, who risked their lives to prevent meltdowns at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant from … Continue reading

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Kids’ safety key worry in Fukushima via The Japan Times

FUKUSHIMA — A year and half after the start of the nuclear crisis, many who attended the government’s latest public hearing on energy policy in Fukushima on Wednesday still expressed concern about the impact of radiation on their children. “I’m … Continue reading

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Fukushima Victimization 2.0 via DiaNuke.org

[…] So we have an immense cohort of people who have been irradiated, lied to, and permanently (though not explicitly) removed from their homes and communities for the rest of their lives. They are victims of the Fukushima nuclear disaster, … Continue reading

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Towns avoid govt help on decontamination via The Yomiuri Onlineri

MAEBASHI–Municipalities contaminated with radiation as a result of the crisis at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant are concerned that the central government’s plan to designate municipalities for which it will shoulder the cost of decontamination will stigmatize those … Continue reading

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Social Fallout: Marginalization After the Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown via Japan Focus

Robert Jacobs On March 1, 1954 a Japanese tuna trawler was at sea in the Marshall Islands. Quite unexpectedly grey ash began to fall like snow and covered the boat and crew. It was not snow; it was radioactive fallout … Continue reading

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