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Interview with professor Robert Jacobs: Must say no to a war more via Hiroshima Peace Media Center

People in Hiroshima, which marked the 71st anniversary of the atomic bombing, have still evaluated the visit by U.S. President Barack Obama highly. Meanwhile, there is still a long way to go to realize the abolition of nuclear weapons in … Continue reading

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Robert Jacobs: Radiation, Nuclear Testing and Fukushima via BlocTalkRadio

Robert Jacobs is associate professor at Hiroshima City University and Asia-Pacific Journal contributing editor. He is the author of The Dragon’s Tail: Americans Face the Atomic Age (2010), the editor of Filling the Hole in the Nuclear Future: Art and Popular Culture Respond to the Bomb (2010), and … Continue reading

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We are still fighting a slow nuclear war via Ecologist

Robert ‘Bo’ Jacobs was brought up under the shadow of nuclear war. A world expert on the cultural and social impacts of radiation, he lives and works in Hiroshima. Julio Godoy caught the chance of an interview … and discovered … Continue reading

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Fukushima Victimization 2.0 via DiaNuke.org

[…] So we have an immense cohort of people who have been irradiated, lied to, and permanently (though not explicitly) removed from their homes and communities for the rest of their lives. They are victims of the Fukushima nuclear disaster, … Continue reading

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