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To abolish nuclear weapons, strip away their handsome mask via Bulletin of Atomic Scientists

Mustafa Kibarogu The golden age of deterrence has reached its end. Nuclear weapons, once a star player on the international stage, no longer enjoy a place in the limelight. To be sure, some policy makers still ascribe to nuclear weapons … Continue reading

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How Shimon Peres Faced Down the Generals and Pacifists to Build Israel’s Nuclear Program via Haaretz

[…] It is impossible to exaggerate the role Peres played in every facet of Israel’s nuclear development. Veteran journalist Dan Margalit, who in his book “I Saw Them” revealed some of the details of Peres’ involvement, said in a radio … Continue reading

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Jeremy Corbyn on scrapping Trident: I want Britain to bring about a nuclear-free world via The Telegraph

Jeremy Corbyn has said Britain should be part of a “nuclear-free world” and suggested that he is prepared to speak at an anti-Trident CND rally. Mr Corbyn said that he wanted ordinary people to have just as much say in … Continue reading

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Jeremy Corbyn backs calls for Scottish Labour to vote against Trident nuclear renewal via The Independent

Jeremy Corbyn has backed calls for the Scottish wing of the Labour Party to vote against the renewal of Trident, risking further divides within his party. At its annual conference in Perth, the Scottish Labour party is due to decide … Continue reading

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【editorial】Chuck Hagel’s Nuclear Disaster via Bloomberg View

The shenanigans that have been going on at U.S. nuclear bases are almost too clownish to believe: officers running a drug ring across six facilities, widespread cheating on monthly proficiency tests, blast doors on missile silos too rusty to properly … Continue reading

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Nuclear Bombers in an A2/AD World via The Diplomat

The past week or so has seen the U.S. send a number of nuclear warnings to Russia in Europe. Last week, the U.S. Air Force (USAF) announced it was temporarily deploying three B-52 nuclear-capable bombers. Then, this week, the USAF … Continue reading

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Ambiguities of Japan’s Nuclear Policy via The New York Times

By Norihiro Kato TOKYO — When Yasunari Kawabata became the first Japanese to receive the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1968, he gave a speech called “Japan, the Beautiful, and Myself” that presented a benignly aesthetic portrait of the so-called … Continue reading

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Global threat of nuclear deterrence via The Japan Times

BEIJING – Nuclear weapons are uniquely destructive and hence uniquely threatening to all our security. There is a compelling need to challenge and overcome the reigning complacency on the nuclear risks and dangers, and to sensitize policy communities to the … Continue reading

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The Lost Logic of Deterrence via Foreign Affairs

What the Strategy That Won the Cold War Can — and Can’t — Do Now Deterrence isn’t what it used to be. In the second half of the twentieth century, it was the backbone of U.S. national security. Its purpose, … Continue reading

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Japan defense chief Morimoto sees nuclear plants as deterrent, favors 25% option for energy mix via The Japan Times

Before becoming defense minister in June but well into the Fukushima meltdown disaster, Satoshi Morimoto said he viewed the nation’s nuclear power plants as a deterrent against foreign attack, apparently because they made neighboring countries believe Japan could produce atomic … Continue reading

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