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It Happened Here: JFK breaks ground for nuclear reactor at Hanford via Yakima Herald

DONALD W. MEYERS […] In an event at the Hanford nuclear reservation attended by 30,000 people Sept. 26, 1963, Kennedy presided over the groundbreaking for a nuclear reactor that would generate electricity while creating plutonium for use in nuclear weapons. … Continue reading

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Japan briefs diplomats on Fukushima plant’s radioactive water via Japan Today

By Mari YamaguchiTOKYOJapan tried to reassure foreign diplomats Wednesday about safety at the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant amid concerns about massive amounts of treated but radioactive water stored in tanks. Diplomats from 22 countries and regions attended a briefing … Continue reading

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The Fukushima nuclear disaster’s legacy: An inescapable stigma via C/Net

Commentary: Pockets of innovation, like a drone testing field, have some hoping the region sheds its notoriety. But it’s not that simple. BY ROGER CHENG The J-Village hotel and sports complex in Fukushima was immaculate, its grand lobby welcoming us with bright lights … Continue reading

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Cuomo Administration Denies Critical Certification at Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant via EcoWatch

Citing numerous environmental and public safety concerns, the New York Department of State (DOS) has filed an objection to Entergy’s request for a Coastal Consistency Determination for the Indian Point nuclear plant. This objection has the potential to block Entergy’s … Continue reading

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E.ON, Fortum to discuss shutdown of two Swedish nuclear reactors via Reuters

Shareholders of Sweden’s Oskarshamn nuclear power plant, Germany’s E.ON and Finland’s Fortum, will meet on Oct. 14 to discuss decommissioning plans for two reactors, plant operator OKG said on Wednesday. The shareholders are to discuss whether to keep Oskarshamn-2 nuclear … Continue reading

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東電・廃炉責任者が悲観的な見通しを語るも、NHKは国内では報道せず via Finance Green Watch

(抜粋) NHKが、東電・福島第一廃炉推進カンパニー社長・増田尚宏氏に、廃炉作業の見通しについて インタビューしています。 「東電・廃炉推進トップが語る」 (NHKワールドニュース 2015/3/31) http://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/english/news/features/201503312108.html 以下、増田氏の回答を引用します。 (略) (NHK) The government wants that work to begin in 2020. I asked Masuda how confident he is that he hit the target. His answer was surprisingly candid. 政府は廃炉作業を2020年に始める意向だ。増田氏にそれについてどれだけ確信があるか尋ねた。 彼の回答は驚くほど率直だった。 (Masuda) It’s a very … Continue reading

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Japan utilities set to scrap five ageing nuclear reactors via Reuters

(Reuters) – Three ageing nuclear reactors in Japan will be decommissioned due to the high cost of upgrading them in line with tougher safety standards set after the Fukushima disaster, their operators said on Tuesday. Another two reactors were also … Continue reading

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With Nuclear Shutdowns Looming, Swiss Utility Establishes Decommissioning Company via NucNet

10 Mar (NucNet): Swiss utility Alpiq has established a decommissioning company for the post-operation and dismantling of nuclear installations, as well as for radiation protection and decontamination, a statement said. With Switzerland due to shut down its commercial nuclear reactors … Continue reading

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Sellafield clean-up costs rise to £53bn, says NAO via BBC

The cost of decommissioning and cleaning up the Sellafield nuclear site in Cumbria has increased by £5bn to £53bn, says the National Audit Office. Margaret Hodge MP, chair of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) which commissioned the report, said the … Continue reading

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Japan Political Pulse: Germany’s rock-hard commitment to nuclear phase-out via Mainichi

Germany’s nuclear power phase-out has reached a point of no return. On a Japan National Press Club tour of Europe earlier this month, I had the opportunity to speak extensively with energy transition experts in Berlin. There, the head of … Continue reading

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