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Belgium agrees to close controversial ageing nuclear reactors via BBC

The Belgian government has reached a deal to close seven ageing nuclear reactors by 2025. The reactors, housed at two plants in Doel and Tihange, have long been controversial. They have been shut down repeatedly for safety checks and have sparked fear in neighbouring countries. A compromise was reached after years of debate and overnight […]

Belgium debates phase-out of US nuclear weapons on its soil via Euractiv

By  Alexandra Brzozowski  It’s one of Belgium’s worst kept secrets. Lawmakers on Thursday (16 January) narrowly rejected a resolution asking for the removal of US nuclear weapons stationed in the country and joining the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW). 66 MPs voted in favour of the resolution while 74 rejected it.Those in […]

No more room for Belgium’s nuclear waste via The Brussels Times

Belgium has no more room in its storage spaces for low-grade nuclear waste, according to the latest annual report from Belgoprocess, the government agency responsible.  Belgoprocess’ waste storage bunker in Dessel in Antwerp province, close to the nuclear research centre in Mol, already contains 50,000 vats of waste, and there is not enough room left […]

Unplanned Shutdown of Doel NPP’s Reactor Takes Place in Belgium via Sputnik

BRUSSELS (Sputnik) – The ENGIE Electrabel company operating the Doel nuclear power plant (NPP) in northern Belgium said on Monday that it had decided to halt the activities of a reactor at the NPP ahead of the schedule. According to ENGIE Electrabel, the company stopped the reactor’s activities due to the necessity to hold maintenance work in the cooling […]

Belgium rejects German call for nuclear plants closure via The Guardian

Belgium’s nuclear safety agency says 40-year-old Tihange 2 and Doel 3 reactors meet ‘strictest possible safety requirements’ Belgium on Wednesday rejected a request by neighbouring Germany to shutter two ageing nuclear plants near their shared border, arguing the facilities met with the strictest safety standards. German environment minister, Barbara Hendricks, earlier on Wednesday requested that […]

Germany asks Belgium to take two nuclear reactors offline via Reuters

Germany has asked Belgium to take two nuclear reactors temporarily offline while questions about their safety are cleared up, an unusual diplomatic move that underscores German concerns about the plants. Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks said on Wednesday that she asked Belgium this week to shut down its Tihange 2 and Doel 3 reactors, after Germany’s […]

Belgium fears nuclear plants are vulnerable via The New York Times

BRUSSELS — As a dragnet aimed at Islamic State operatives spiraled across Brussels and into at least five European countries on Friday, the authorities were also focusing on a narrower but increasingly alarming threat: the vulnerability of Belgium’s nuclear installations. The investigation into this week’s deadly attacks in Brussels has prompted worries that the Islamic […]

Belgium evacuates nuclear plant staff after attacks via CBS

Hours after bombs tore through Belgium’s international airport and a subway station in central Brussels, the government asked the operator of one of the country’s nuclear energy plants to evacuate most staff. ENGIE, the French electric company that runs the Tihange nuclear plant about 50 miles southeast of Brussels, confirmed that all non-essential staff had […]

Belgium’s ageing nuclear plants worry neighbours via BBC News

Belgium’s neighbours have expressed alarm at its plans to extend the life of 40-year-old nuclear reactors, seen by critics as dangerous. Just across the border, the German city of Aachen and the Dutch city of Maastricht have announced they are considering taking legal action. They want to force Belgium to shut the reactors down. Belgium […]

Belgium angers Germany with nuclear reactor restart via The Guardian

Belgium has restarted an ageing nuclear reactor after a nearly two-year shutdown, angering neighbouring Germany which fears the danger of a Fukushima-style meltdown. Power company Electrabel said it put the Tihange 2 reactor back online “in complete safety”. There had been opposition from officials in adjacent North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany’s most populous state. Belgium has been […]

Belgium Shuts Down Doel-3 And Tihange-2 After Unexpected RPV Test Results via NukNet

26 Mar (NucNet): The Doel-3 and Tihange-2 nuclear reactor units in Belgium were shut down today after tests related to the reactor pressure vessels (RPVs) showed “unexpected results”, Electrabel, a subsidiary of French energy company GDF Suez and operator of the stations, said. Tests carried out at Belgium’s nuclear research reactor BR-2 in Mol consisted […]

WWI Shell Found At Belgium’s Tihange Nuclear Power Plant, Forcing Partial Evacuation via Huffington Post

BRUSSELS — A Belgian utility says an unexploded World War I shell was found on the grounds of a nuclear power plant but was safely removed by military experts. Electrabel spokeswoman Anne-Sophie Huge said the shell was found during drainage work Wednesday in front of an administrative building outside a reactor’s fenced security perimeter. She […]

Belgium: Possible flaw in nuclear plant via AP

BRUSSELS (AP) – A possible hairline crack in the steel tank containing the reactor at a Belgian nuclear plant poses no danger to the public, the country’s nuclear regulatory agency said Friday. The possible flaw was discovered while the plant was shut for annual maintenance, Karina De Beule, a spokeswoman for AFCN, the Federal Agency […]

Belgium agrees on conditional nuclear exit plans via Reuters

(Reuters) – Belgium’s political parties have reached a conditional agreement to shut down the country’s two remaining nuclear power stations, owned by GDF Suez unit Electrabel, a government spokeswoman said Monday. The plan for a shutdown of the three oldest reactors by 2015 and a complete exit by 2025 is conditional on finding enough energy […]

Belgium Abandon Nuclear Energy From 2015 via Newish info.

Negotiators working on the formation of a new Belgian federal government reached an agreement for the country to abandon nuclear energy from 2015, said Friday night the evening Le Soir in its online edition. The representatives of the six parties held a meeting Friday night dedicated to energy and sustainable development, under the direction of […]

US atomic bombs back in Britain? via Beyond Nuclear International

Move puts UK on front line in a NATO/Russia war By Kate Hudson News that US nuclear weapons may already be back in Britain, at RAF/USAF Lakenheath in East Anglia, makes Britain once again a forward nuclear base for the US in Europe. 110 US/NATO free-fall B61 nuclear bombs were removed from Lakenheath in 2008, […]

Half of Ukraine’s renewable energy facilities threatened with destruction via Beyond Nuclear International

By Linda Pentz Gunter “Due to the Russian war against Ukraine, half of the RES (Renewable Energy Source) facilities are threatened with complete or partial destruction,” wrote the Ukraine Association of Renewable Energy on its website earlier last month. Ukraine was, said the Association, starting to make good inroads on renewable energy, with installed capacity “at 9.5 […]

The vulnerability of nuclear plants during military conflict:Lessons from Fukushima Daiichi Focus on Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine via Greenpeace International

2 March 2022 Briefing -Greenpeace International by Jan Vande Putte (radiation protection advisor & nuclear campaigner for Greenpeace East Asia & Greenpeace Belgium) and Shaun Burnie (senior nuclear specialist, Greenpeace East Asia) […] Nuclear power plants are some of the most complex and sensitive industrial installations, which require a very complex set of resources in […]

Russia Just Seized Chernobyl: Here’s Why It Matters via Mother Jones

“A nuclear reactor is a vulnerable source of energy because it relies on peace and stability.” Kate Brown [interview] By Isabella Dias […] Can you remind readers why was the Chernobyl nuclear accident is such a big deal and what it meant for Ukraine and the Soviet Union? […] It’s also a big deal in […]

Small modular reactors offer no hope for nuclear energy via Advanced Science News

by M.V. Ramana | Jan 14, 2022 In December 2021, the government of Belgium joined an increasing number of countries expressing an interest in building what are called small modular reactors, which generate under 300 megawatts of electrical power — much smaller than the 1000 to 1700 megawatts typical of large reactors that dominate today’s nuclear power landscape. […]

The forgotten mine that built the atomic bomb via BBC

By Frank Swain [this article first appeared on August 3, 2020] The Congo’s role in creating the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki was kept secret for decades, but the legacy of its involvement is still being felt today. “The word Shinkolobwe fills me with grief and sorrow,” says Susan Williams, a historian at the […]

Nuclear legacy is a costly headache for the future via Climate News Network

June 28th, 2021, by Paul Brown How do you safely store spent nuclear waste? No-one knows. It’ll be a costly headache for our descendants. LONDON, 28 June, 2021 − Many states are leaving future generations an unsolved and costly headache: how to deal with highly dangerous nuclear waste. The decision to start closing down the United […]

Support for a global pact banning nuclear weapons is growing within NATO, an advocacy group says via The New York Times

By Rick Gladstone As President Biden and his NATO counterparts focus on nuclear-armed Russia at their summit meeting on Monday, they may also face a different sort of challenge: growing support, or at least openness, within their own constituencies for the global treaty that bans nuclear weapons. […] The accord outlaws the use, testing, development, production, possession […]

French Report ” Nuclear Power Plant Flexibility at EDF” via

January 16, 2021 In early 2019, four French EDF scientists wrote a 22 page report on load following in French nuclear reactors. The English version was first published on April 1 2020 but this has only recently been brought to my attention (ie mid Jan 2021). This report is instructive and worrying, and requires careful reading. In […]

Western Europe cools on plans for nuclear power via Climate News Network

By Paul Dorfman As more reactors face closure, governments in Europe may prefer renewable energy to replace nuclear power. LONDON, 25 November, 2020 – News that two more reactors in the United Kingdom are to shut down on safety grounds earlier than planned has capped a depressing month for nuclear power in Europe. The news came after weeks […]

In desperate search of disposal sites for its nuclear waste, Japan offers poisonous grants to two small villages via Equal Times

By Carmen Grau One morning in September, 87-year-old retiree Masao Takimoto was reading the newspaper in his house in Kamoenai when a news story captured his attention, ruined his day and changed the course of this quiet fishing village on the island of Hokkaido, in northern Japan: the mayor of the village of 822 had agreed […]

Plutonium: How Nuclear Power’s Dream Fuel Became a Nightmare via Arms Control Association

November 2020 Nailing the Coffin of Civilian Plutonium Plutonium: How Nuclear Power’s Dream Fuel Became a NightmareBy Frank von Hippel,Masafumi Takubo, andJungmin KangSpringer Press198pp. Reviewed by Thomas Countryman […] The earliest rationale for using plutonium as a nuclear fuel rested on the fact that spent nuclear fuel, the leftover material from civilian nuclear power plants, […]

Commentary: Excelon’s nuclear hostage tactics must end via Chicago Tribune

“Nuclear Hostage Crisis: Day 2,363” Yes, that’s right. It was March 9, 2014, when Exelon announced that it would close its nuclear plants if the Illinois legislature, under House Speaker Michael Madigan’s watchful eye, did not bail them out. The jobs that would be lost! More dirty fossil fuel burned! Tax bases destroyed! The horror! […]

Commentary: Exelon’s nuclear hostage crisis tactics must end via Chicago Tribune

By DAVID KRAFT “Nuclear Hostage Crisis: Day 2,363” Yes, that’s right. It was March 9, 2014, when Exelon announced that it would close its nuclear plants if the Illinois legislature, under House Speaker Michael Madigan’s watchful eye, did not bail them out. The jobs that would be lost! More dirty fossil fuel burned! Tax bases destroyed! […]

Fukushima: How the ocean became a dumping ground for radioactive waste via DW

The nuclear disaster at Fukushima sent an unprecedented amount of radiation into the Pacific. But, before then, atomic bomb tests and radioactive waste were contaminating the sea — the effects are still being felt today. Almost 1.2 million liters (320,000 gallons) of radioactive water from the Fukushima nuclear power plant is to be released into […]

Nuclear plant lifetime extension: A creeping catastrophe via Bellona

 by Charles Digges Any discussion of nuclear disasters brings events like Chernobyl and Fukushima to mind. But the civilian nuclear industry could be facing a quieter nuclear failure. Simply put, the world’s nuclear reactors are getting dangerously old. […] The majority of the world’s 442 commercially operated reactors were built nearly four decades ago – and […]

Secrets Revealed: America Almost Stockpiled Nuclear Weapons In Iceland via The National Interest

Why didn’t it happen?by Michael Peck Key point: We still don’t officially know which nations had U.S. nuclear weapons on their soil. If Miss Manners were a diplomat, she would tell us how rude it is to place nuclear bombs in the territory of our allies without being invited to. But it turns out that in the […]

America Built 3,155 B61 Nuclear Bombs. Around 50 Are Still in Turkey via The National Interest

One of the longest-serving nuclear weapons in America’s arsenal is the B61 nuclear free-fall bomb. The B61 bomb was first introduced in 1966 with more than three thousand bombs produced to date. The bomb is famous for its adjustable yield capability, giving it the versatility to operate in both the tactical and strategic nuclear roles. […]

18 nuclear power plants in the EU are operating without a valid license via Business Insider

18 nuclear power plants in the European Union are operating without a valid license, according to research conducted by Germany’s Green Party.  This number doesn’t include the 34 other illegal power plants in neighboring European countries that aren’t part of the EU.  All operating illegal atomic reactors were never subject to an Environmental Impact Assessment […]

Spain to Shut Down Nuclear Plants And Push Forward Clean Energy Plan via South EU Summit

Amid a Europe-wide debate over the future of nuclear power in a renewable energy future, Spain has rolled out a schedule to close its seven nuclear power plants. This move comes as the government proposes an ambitious clean energy plan to shift away from fossil fuels completely by 2050. Spain’s main electricity providers have reached […]

Discrimination under the radioactive plume via Beyond Nuclear International

Potassium iodide distributed in Canada is denied Americans By Keith Gunter In the wake of the still ongoing March 2011 Fukushima disaster, governments in Europe and Canada began implementing more pro-active radiological disaster plans — including pre-distribution of potassium iodide (KI) in reactor emergency planning zones (EPZs). Potassium iodide is now directly delivered in advance […]

Storage of nuclear waste a ‘global crisis’: report via France24

Nuclear waste is piling up around the world even as countries struggle to dispose of spent fuel that will remain highly toxic for many thousands of years, Greenpeace detailed in a report Wednesday. An analysis of waste storage facilities in seven countries with nuclear power revealed that several were near saturation, the anti-nuclear NGO said. […]

Scientists put a nuclear waste container through a demanding trip to see if the fuel would break via The Verge

Have nuclear fuel transportation cask, will travel  Researchers sent a nuclear waste container on a 14,500-mile odyssey by truck, barge, cargo ship, and train in an effort to understand how well radioactive fuel would stand up to travel. That’s important to find out because one day, the goal is to store all the radioactive fuel […]

Brussels Confirms Plan to Close All Nuclear Power Plants by 2025 via Sputnik

BRUSSELS (Sputnik) – The government of Belgium has endorsed an energy strategy, confirming its plan to shut down all nuclear power plants (NPP) in the country by 2025. According to a document published by the Cabinet, Belgium aims to “withdraw from nuclear energy by 2025.” Brussels also plans to ensure a sufficient and stable power grid, and invest in new energy […]

Greenpeace wary of Fukushima radiation via Hans India

Tokyo: Greenpeace has cautioned that towns in Fukushima prefecture, close to the disaster-hit nuclear power plant, were exposed to excessive levels of radiation almost 100 times greater than safe levels. The survey said that in the towns of Namie and Iitate, located between 10 and 40 km from the Fukushima Daiichi plant and where evacuation […]

Greenpeace investigation shows Fukushima radiation risks to last into next century via Greenpeace

Tokyo, Japan –  A comprehensive survey by Greenpeace Japan in the towns of Iitate and Namie in Fukushima prefecture, including the exclusion zone, revealed radiation levels up to 100 times higher than the international limit for public exposure.[1][2] The high radiation levels in these areas pose a significant risk to returning evacuees until at least […]

Radiation levels in Fukushima zones higher in 2017 than 2016, and still above government target despite cleanup: Greenpeace Japan via Nuclear-News

Look how the Japanese media are routinely censoring the news about the Fukushima situation. In the first article  about the Greenpeace recent report, a short article published in Australia, are clearly stated: 1. Fukushima still has radiation 100 times higher than normal. 2. Greenpeace warned all areas surveyed, including those where people have been allowed […]

France’s nuclear spent-fuel pools major security risk: Greenpeace via Reuters

PARIS (Reuters) – The spent-fuel pools of French utility EDF’s nuclear reactors are highly vulnerable to attacks, Greenpeace said in a report published on Tuesday. Written by a group of nuclear experts and delivered to French authorities, the report says that spent-fuel pools, which typically contain the equivalent of one to three nuclear reactor cores, […]

Australian Aborigines move to block shipments of Scottish nuclear waste via The Herald

ABORIGINES in South Australia are fighting a plan to ship nuclear waste from Scotland amid fears it will be dumped on land regarded as culturally and spiritually sacred. Wallerberdina, around 280 miles north of Adelaide, has been earmarked as a possible location for Australia’s first nuclear waste dump despite claims that it is a priceless […]

Dounreay: The massive and most complex nuclear clean-up in Europe via the Herald

DOUNREAY was the centre of Britain’s research into fast-reactor technology in the 1960s, with the first of its reactors going live in 1958. In 1962, its fast reactor was the first in the world to provide electricity to a national grid and it operated until 1977. A damning safety audit by the Health and Safety […]

Northlanders protest nuclear weapons overseas via Superior Telegram

Two northern Wisconsin residents are heading overseas next week to join in a protest against nuclear weapons on an American air base in Germany. Bonnie Urfer and John LaForge of Luck, Wis., are joining a delegation from around the country to participate in a long-standing campaign July 12-18 at Büchel Air Base, in west-central Germany. […]

“Prison Gang” Peace Delegation to Join International Call for Ouster of US Nuclear Weapons from Germany via Nukewatch

For the first time in a long-standing campaign to remove US nuclear weapons from Germany, a delegation of US peace activists will participate in protests at the Büchel Air Base, July 12 to 18, demanding the withdrawal of the 20 remaining US H-bombs still deployed there. Notable among the 11-person delegation are seven participants who have […]

50,000 protesters form 90km human chain to demand closure of aging Belgian nuclear reactors (VIDEO) via RT

Thousands of protestors have formed a 90-kilometer human chain around the border triangle of Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands to demand the closure of the two reactors at Belgium’s Tihange and Doel nuclear power stations. The organizers said that 50,000 people from Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands joined the action Sunday. The human chain originated from the […]

Dozens of new cracks discovered at Belgian nuclear reactors via RT

The latest ultrasonic inspections have detected a substantial number of new micro cracks in nuclear reactors at the Tihange and Doel power plants in Belgium since the last study conducted three years ago, Belgian and German media report. At least 70 additional cracks were uncovered at the Tihange 2 nuclear reactor during an ultrasonic inspection […]

European Union to pass strategy paper on nuclear energy via DW

Ahead of a meeting of the EU’s Energy Commissioners, a report obtained by German media has revealed plans for the future of nuclear power in Europe. The plans run contrary to German policy. Citing a strategy paper from EU on Tuesday, “Spiegel Online” reported that European Union (EU) plans to defend its technological dominance in […]

Nuclear Materials Remain Vulnerable to Theft, Despite U.S.-Led Effort via The New York Times

WASHINGTON — As President Obama gathers world leaders in Washington this week for his last Nuclear Security Summit, tons of materials that terrorists could use to make small nuclear devices or dirty bombs remain deeply vulnerable to theft. Still, Mr. Obama’s six-year effort to rid the world of loose nuclear material has succeeded in pulling […]

Guard at Belgian nuclear plant shot dead; his security badge was stolen via Washington Times

Just two days after terrorists attacked the Brussels airport and subway system, a security guard for a Belgian nuclear facility was murdered and his security access badge was stolen, Belgian media reported Saturday. The security guard’s badge was de-activated as soon as it was discovered it was stolen, according to French newspaper Derniere Heure. He […]

Shut old nuclear reactors, says unprecedented alliance of EU cities via The Guardian

Communities and campaigners in Germany, the Netherlands and Luxembourg lobby for closure of two ageing 40-year old Belgian nuclear reactors close to borders An unprecedented alliance of 30 major cities and districts from three countries has joined forces to try to shut down two ageing Belgian nuclear reactors close to their borders. Cologne and Dusseldorf […]

Belgian nuclear plant’s reactor shuts down days after reboot via RT

Belgium’s Doel nuclear reactor went offline on Saturday, after it was restarted just three days ago, the plant’s spokesperson said. Meanwhile, Germany has stepped up criticism on operational safety of its neighbor’s aging nuclear facilities. Doel 1 nuclear reactor, located in northern Belgium, was taken offline automatically, RTL broadcaster quoted the communications manager Els De […]

Explosion Hits Belgian Nuclear Power Station via Sputnik

The source said there was no threat of radioactive contamination following the explosion. An explosion hit the Doel nuclear power station in northern Belgium on Sunday, a spokesperson of Electrabel energy corporation that operates Doel said, adding the personnel were not injured. The exact damage from the incident is still unknown, Els De Clercq claims. Doel Nuclear Power Station […]

Belgian nuclear reactors get 10 extra years of life via eu observer

Two Belgian nuclear reactors which were supposed to retire this year at age 40, will remain operational until they are half a century old. Federal energy minister Marie Christine Marghem said the longer lifespan, until 2025, was necessary to ensure security of electricity supply in Belgium. The Belgian government announced that negotiations with energy company […]

Greenpeace Exposes “Failure“ of Fukushima Decontamination Program via PanOrient News

Tokyo- (PanOrient News) Radioactive contamination in Fukushima prefecture is so widespread and at such a high level that it will be dangerous for people to return to their homes, a Greenpeace Japan investigation revealed today. The investigation followed the Abe Government’s announcement on 12th June 2015 to lift evacuation orders by March 2017 and end […]

US Nuclear Weapons Base In Italy Eyed By Alleged Terrorists via FAS

Two suspected terrorists arrested by the Italian police allegedly were planning an attack against the nuclear weapons base at Ghedi. The base stores 20 US B61 nuclear bombs earmarked for delivery by Italian PA-200 Tornado fighter-bombers in war. Nuclear security and strike exercises were conducted at the base in 2014. During peacetime the bombs are […]

Germany is replacing its nuclear reactors with massive offshore wind farms via Quartz

Offshore wind power isn’t the easiest thing to build. The turbines themselves are large and complex, and need to keep working for decades in some of the harshest conditions on the planet. As well as the windmill, there’s a support structure needed for every turbine to keep it upright and spinning; then there are the connecters […]

Cracks appear in the nuclear industry via DW

Cracks discovered in the walls of Belgian nuclear reactors are causing unease among experts. The reason: a previously unknown phenomenon – material fatigue. There are fears that many more reactors could be affected. Several thousand cracks have been discovered by corrosion experts in the pressure vessels of two reactors at the Belgian nuclear power stations […]

Taipower launches overseas reprocessing tender via World Nuclear News

Taiwan Power Co (Taipower) has launched a tender for a contract worth up to TWD 11.26 billion ($356 million) for the shipment and reprocessing of used nuclear fuel abroad. The summary tender notice, published on 17 February on the Public Construction Commission’s website, says: “This procurement plans to reprocess 1200 bundles (480 for the Chinshan […]

Fire shuts down Belgian nuclear reactor via The Australian

A BELGIAN nuclear reactor has shut down after a fire broke out at the plant in the east of the country, the Belga news agency reported. […] The Tihange 3 power station, situated 70 kilometres south-west of the German town of Aachen, shut down automatically after one of its transformers reportedly caught fire. The fire, […]

Shale: an overlooked option for US nuclear waste disposal via Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

Toss a dart at a map of the United States and, more often than not, it will land where shale can be found underground. A drab, relatively featureless sedimentary rock that historically attracted little interest, shale (as used here, the term includes clay and a range of clay-rich rocks) is entering Americans’ consciousness as a new […]

Nuclear power: reliably unreliable via Greenpeace

With wind power filling the energy gap left by shutdown nuclear reactors in the UK, and police investigating allegations of sabotage at a reactor in Belgium, the myth of “reliable” nuclear energy is being exposed like never before. The nuclear industry tells us that nuclear power is a reliable energy source, that it offers “energy […]

Two Belgian nuclear reactors may be closed permanently: state media via Reuters

(Reuters) – Two Belgian nuclear reactors owned by GDF-Suez unit Electrabel may remain offline until spring and may need to be halted permanently, Belgian state broadcaster VRT reported on Tuesday. The Belgian nuclear regulator ordered production to be stopped at the 1,008 megawatt Tihange 2 reactor and the 1,006 megawatt Doel 3 reactor in 2012 […]

Insight – The cost of caring for Europe’s elderly nuclear plants via Reuters

(Reuters) – Europe’s ageing nuclear fleet will undergo more prolonged outages over the next few years, reducing the reliability of power supply and costing plant operators many millions of dollars. Nuclear power provides about a third of the European Union’s electricity generation, but the 28-nation bloc’s 131 reactors are well past their prime, with an […]

Electrabel confirms Doel 4 nuclear power plant sabotage vian Power Engineering

Belgium has been left without half of its nuclear capacity, as GDF Suez subsidiary Electrabel confirmed that its Doel 4 nuclear reactor has been shut down due to sabotage. Reuters reports that a GDF Suez (Euronext: GSZ) spokesman confirmed Belgian press reports about suspicion of sabotage. “There was an intentional manipulation,” he said, adding that somebody […]

What If China Has a Fukushima? via Caixin Online

(Beijing) — China has never suffered a Three Mile Island-like nuclear power plant accident, much less a Chernobyl meltdown or a Fukushima disaster. But now that the government under Premier Li Keqiang has put the country on a fast-track for nuclear power development, with dozens of new reactors scheduled to launch by 2020, the insurance […]

Covert mission: Plutonium source might be Canada via Ottawa Citizen

 Questions being asked about mystery cargo The nuclear fuel carrier Pacific Egret slipped into the harbour at Charleston, South Carolina, on March 19 and unloaded a top-secret cargo at the port’s Naval Weapons Station. Fitted with naval guns, cannons and extensive hidden means of repelling a terrorist assault, the three-year-old British vessel was purpose-built to […]

Old nuclear reactors can’t save the climate via Greenpeace

Today 240 activists are taking action across Europe to highlight the risk of ageing nuclear reactors. There’s an ongoing action inside Tihange in Belgium. In Switzerland activists have unfolded banners inside the Beznau II, the oldest nuclear power plant in Europe. They also flew over with a paraglider and simultaneously in Sweden a banner was […]

Mayumi Oda on Energy of Change, Feminization and New Birth of Japan via Kyoto Journal

KJ: You came to Japan several times last year following 3.11. What do you see happening at the moment in Japan? Mayumi Oda: It’s a great opportunity to stop nuclear reactors — and probably we will. It’s an amazing coincidence that the last reactor that is still operating, in Hokkaido, is called Tomari. So we’ll […]

Nuclear Materials Report Shows Better Safekeeping via The New York Times

A report issued Wednesday on the security of deadly nuclear materials found steady improvement, with seven countries in the last two years giving up most of their uranium and plutonium that could be readily turned into weapons. Their actions lowered the number of nations with appreciable fuel for atomic bombs to 25 from 32. […] […]

UNSCEAR members protest against minimising health effects of Fukushima radiation via nuclear-news

Shocked UNSCEAR members in Belgium protest “It even goes back behind the lessons of Chernobyl and other studies.”  Original post: Marc Molitor Les délégués belges indignés: “On minimise les conséquences de Fukushima” by Marc Molitor English translation by Alex Rosen, M.D., Vice-chairman, German IPPNW Shocked UNSCEAR members in Belgium protest “It even goes back behind the lessons […]

MOX Fuel Shipment Arrives In Japan For Takahama Nuclear Plant via NucNet

27 Jun (NucNet): The first shipment of mixed oxide (MOX) fuel to Japan since before the March 2011 accident at Fukushima-Daiichi has arrived at a port in Takahama, Fukui Prefecture, for delivery to the Takahama nuclear power plant. Areva said that following their departure from Cherbourg in France, on 17 April 2013, two vessels called […]

Obama accused of nuclear U-turn as guided weapons plan emerges via the Guradian

Barack Obama has been accused of reneging on his disarmament pledges after it emerged the administration was planning to spend billions on upgrading nuclear bombs stored in Europe to make the weapons more reliable and accurate. Under the plan, nearly 200 B61 gravity bombs stockpiled in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy and Turkey would be […]

The “Bright Future” of Japan’s Nuclear Industry via Japan Focus

While the media are rushing to announce the “full stop” of Japan’s nuclear power production 2039, little attention has been paid to two much less publicized moves. The first is the restarting of Japan’s nuclear export industry, especially its targeting of former colonial areas in South East Asia. The second is even more discreet. It […]

Thousands of cracks found in Belgian nuclear power plant via

… The cracks, which possibly date back to the reactor’s construction some 40 years ago, were discovered using ultra-sound during inspections in June and July. Belgium’s nuclear regulator, the federal agency for nuclear control (FANC), said the reactor is in shutdown mode for inspections and its fuel has been discharged. The reactor poses no threat […]

Nuclear Industry Says Back on Track After Fukushima `Speed Bump’ via Broomberg

Within months of the Fukushima nuclear disaster, the worst in 25 years, Germany, Belgium and Italy vowed to quit atomic energy. Twelve months on, the nuclear industry says it’s almost back to business as usual. “Fukushima put a speed bump on the road to the nuclear renaissance,” Ganpat Mani, president of Converdyn, a company that […]

50 Years After Test 596 – Nuclear Testing in East Turkestan via Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization

PRESS REMINDER FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Living in the Shadow of an Atom Cloud: The Search for Victims’ Redress after China’s Nuclear Tests Wednesday, 29 February 2012, 9.30 – 12.30 Room P7C050, Paul-Henri Spaak Building, European Parliament 60 Rue Wiertz, Brussels, Belgium Brussels, 24 February 2012 – The nuclear accident at Fukushima, Japan, has once again […]

New Study Ranks Countries on Security of Materials That Fuel Nuclear Arms via The New York Times

Now, for the first time publicly, experts have surveyed the precautions each country has in place and ranked the nations from best to worst. The study is full of surprises and potential embarrassments: for instance, Australia takes first place in nuclear security and Japan comes in at No. 23, behind nations like Kazakhstan and South […]

Study Ranks Countries on Nuclear Security via The New York Times

The 32 nations with materials that can fuel atom bombs are typically mum on security, which looks to the public like a closed world of barbed wire and armed guards. Behind the scenes, atomic insiders have long told horror stories of risky practices and security flaws that might let the crucial ingredients for nuclear weapons […]

Southeast Asian Nations Look at Nuclear Power via The New York Times

By SONYA KOLESNIKOV-JESSOP Published: November 27, 2011 SINGAPORE — The nuclear crisis at the Fukushima Daiichi plant that began in March has led many governments around the world to pause, review safety measures and revise their plans for power development. A few countries, like Germany and Belgium, have even decided to decommission their nuclear plants […]

Nuclear a pawn in Belgian politics via Nuclear World News

16 November 2011 In pursuit of a functioning government Belgium has reversed a 2009 agreement and proposed a crippling tax on nuclear power, leading utilities to threaten court action.   GDF Suez reacted strongly to the moves today with the assertion that the last negotiated nuclear agreement with government was binding on both sides. The […]

Energetic meet points outpost-Fukushima second thoughts via The Hindu

Even as India debates the pros and cons of the Kudankulam nuclear power project, several developed countries have already resolved to scrap their nuclear plants, experts at an energy conclave said on Monday. Addressing the 14th regional conclave of the Madras Management Association (MMA) and the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS) on “Energy as a factor […]

New deal on phasing out nuclear power via Flanders News

Mon 31/10/2011 – 10:24 Update: Mon 31/10/2011 – 12:32 The six parties involved in talks that should lead to the formation of a new Belgian Government have struck a deal on phasing out nuclear energy. Under the agreement Belgium will close all its nuclear power plants when there are sufficient alternatives. Under legislation dating from […]

Kazakhstan reels from impact of nuclear tests, 20 years on via AFP

By Aleks Tapinsh (AFP) – 1 day ago SEMEY, Kazakhstan — The 79-year-old Yevdokia Matushkina struggles to remember. Her memories often fail her. Except one. Sitting in her tiny room at a home for the elderly in the eastern Kazakh city of Semey, Matushkina remembers the days when the loud blasts of nuclear tests several […]

New EU rules for nuclear waste open the door to dumping in Russia via Greenpeace

European countries obliged to develop plans to address waste problem Press release – July 19, 2011 European countries today agreed to develop plans to address the ever-growing problem of nuclear waste. However, the EU also agreed to continue the dangerous practice of transporting radioactive material across great distances to storage plants outside EU borders. In […]