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TABLE-Japan nuclear reactor operations: Kansai Electric restarts Ohi No. 4 reactor via Reuters

    TOKYO, Jan 19 (Reuters) - Japan's Kansai Electric Power Co
Inc has restarted the No. 4 reactor at its Ohi nuclear
plant in western Japan after completing scheduled maintenance
and refuelling, a spokesman said on Tuesday.
    The utility began booting up the 1,180-megawatt (MW) reactor
on Jan. 15 after having been shut for regular maintenance since
Nov. 3, the spokesman said via phone.
    The Osaka district court in December revoked the operating
permit for Ohi's No.3 and No.4 reactors, claiming they were
vulnerable to major earthquakes, but the government, which had
granted the permit, has filed an appeal to overturn the ruling.
The table below shows the status of Japan's nuclear power plants. The regional utilities are Hokkaido Electric Power , Tohoku Electric Power, Tokyo Electric Power , Chubu Electric Power, Hokuriku Electric Power , Kansai Electric Power, Chugoku Electric Power , Shikoku Electric Power, Kyushu Electric Power , referred in the table by their regional name.             Company               Plant   Unit      MW              Status  Hokkaido              Tomari      1     579    Shutdown 22/4/11  Hokkaido              Tomari      2     579    Shutdown 26/8/11  Hokkaido              Tomari      3     912     Shutdown 5/5/12    Tohoku             Onagawa      2     825    Shutdown 6/11/10    Tohoku             Onagawa      3     825    Shutdown 11/3/11    Tohoku         Higashidori      1   1,100     Shutdown 6/2/11     Tepco  Kashiwazaki-Kariwa      1   1,100     Shutdown 6/8/11     Tepco  Kashiwazaki-Kariwa      2   1,100    Shutdown 16/7/07     Tepco  Kashiwazaki-Kariwa      3   1,100    Shutdown 16/7/07     Tepco  Kashiwazaki-Kariwa      4   1,100    Shutdown 16/7/07     Tepco  Kashiwazaki-Kariwa      5   1,100    Shutdown 25/1/12     Tepco  Kashiwazaki-Kariwa      6   1,356    Shutdown 26/3/12     Tepco  Kashiwazaki-Kariwa      7   1,356    Shutdown 23/8/11     Chubu             Hamaoka      3   1,100   Shutdown 29/11/10     Chubu             Hamaoka      4   1,137    Shutdown 13/5/11     Chubu             Hamaoka      5   1,380    Shutdown 14/5/11  Hokuriku               Shika      1     540     Shutdown 1/3/11  Hokuriku               Shika      2   1,206    Shutdown 11/3/11    Kansai              Mihama      3     826    Shutdown 14/5/11    Kansai            Takahama      1     826    Shutdown 10/1/11    Kansai            Takahama      2     826   Shutdown 25/11/11    Kansai            Takahama      3     870     Shutdown 6/1/20    Kansai            Takahama      4     870    Shutdown 7/10/20    Kansai                 Ohi      3   1,180    Shutdown 20/7/20    Kansai                 Ohi      4   1,180      Online 15/1/21   Chugoku             Shimane      2     820    Shutdown 27/1/12   Shikoku               Ikata      3     890  Shutdown 26/12/19*    Kyushu              Genkai      3   1,180     Online 21/11/20    Kyushu              Genkai      4   1,180   Shutdown 19/12/20    Kyushu              Sendai      1     890     Online 17/11/20    Kyushu              Sendai      2     890     Online 22/12/20     Japco         Tokai Daini      1   1,100    Shutdown 11/3/11     Japco             Tsuruga      2   1,160     Shutdown 7/5/11     Total                             33,083                      * Under court order to keep operations halted  (Reporting by Yuka Obayashi.)

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