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To Show Fukushima Crops are Safe, an Agency Made a Book Out of Rice Paper Grown There via Adweek

By Sara Spary

Serviceplan created the project for a company whose sensors have shown the safety of decontaminated fields


Nine years later, scientists in the region are fighting to show that crops from decontaminated land are safe to eat. Agency Serviceplan in Germany has even created a book made from rice straw paper from crops grown in the region in order to help show people that products grown on decontaminated land are safe.

To make the beautifully crafted book, rice straw was harvested, dried, cleaned, cut and crafted into paper. It was sent to selected key science, agriculture and food production decision-makers, with aims to change opinions about the region.

The book presents data that the agency said shows the crops as safe and features images of people from the region in a bid to humanize their situation and bring the scientific data to life in an easily digestible way.


However, the book’s creators said consumers and buyers continue to shun the produce and they’re concerned about contamination.

“The researchers identified the problem that no one really understands the depth of the data and the effectiveness of their work,” said Alexander Schill, global CCO of Serviceplan. “We turned this abstract data into something that’s visually appealing but also easy to understand.”

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