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Numerous questions surround discovery of plutonium in Rocky Flats soil sample via Denver ABC

By: Lance Hernandez

DENVER – The founders of an organization representing people who grew up near Rocky Flats say the refuge should be closed and the planned Jefferson Parkway put on hold, following a soil test sample showing elevated levels of plutonium.

“I want our fellow citizens around the Denver area to finally wake up and realize that the federal government is not watching your back on this area,” said Nick Hansen, co-founder of Rocky Flats Downwinders. “It’s the federal government who caused this problem. It’s the federal government who supposedly cleaned it up.”


He said one result indicated elevated plutonium levels, but didn’t indicate how high the level was.

The standard is 50 picocuries per gram.

Ray indicated that a second test in the same general area showed a much lower level.


Abelson, an attorney who has been advising and representing local governments, non-governmental organizations and small businesses on issues ranging from nuclear weapons cleanups to environmental protection strategies, told Denver7, “There has been so much testing by governmental and non-governmental entities in that area, for years, that it’s well beyond the norm of what has ever been found and what is expected to be found.”

Hansen said he doesn’t believe it’s a false reading at all.

“We know exactly where it came from,” he said. “It came from Rocky Flats.”

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