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Musicians and scientists join call to scrap Trident nuclear deterrent via The Guardian

Decommissioning Trident nuclear weapons would be popular with voters and supported by a majority of candidates standing in the general election, luminaries from music, the arts and the legal world have claimed. […] Among the signatories to the open letter … Continue reading

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Scottish voters contemplate the nuclear option for Faslane’s Trident fleet via The Guardian

Peace camp outside base since 1982 sees yes vote as ending UK’s entire nuclear deterrent but electorate is more ambivalent One of the biggest targets for Scotland‘s independence campaign sits behind a high, intimidating wall of reinforced security fencing and … Continue reading

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Scots taxpayers face multi-billion pound bill for nuclear weapons if plans to renew Trident are backed warns minister via The Daily Record

VETERANS Minister Keith Brown says renewal would impact on conventional forces and cash would be better spent tackling poverty.[…] The UK Government is due to make a decision about renewing the programme in 2016. The Scottish Government has set out … Continue reading

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Nuclear activists camp out at weapons centre via Morning Star

Anti-nuclear campaigners swooped on Britain’s Atomic Weapons Establishment early today morning to protest against the £100 billion Trident replacement. More than 20 activists set up camp outside the AWE in Burghfield, Berkshire, at 2am, pitching their tents under cover of … Continue reading

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Nuclear weapons ‘outlawed’ in an independent Scotland, says Salmond via BBC News

The leader of the SNP has said that if his party won power in an independent government it would make nuclear weapons illegal. Alex Salmond told the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show that Trident, which currently resides at Faslane Naval base … Continue reading

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Top military chiefs go cold on nuclear deterrent via the Independent

[…] Mr Harvey said he hoped that the nuclear review would spark a wider political debate about whether Britain needed to keep a cold war style nuclear deterrence for the sake of international prestige or whether there were cheaper alternatives … Continue reading

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