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Cascading disasters are causing extreme weather to pack an even bigger punch via UN Environment Programme

[…] Best understood like a row of toppling dominoes, one disaster causes another in a series that leads to worse impacts over a wider area than is expected. Unlike dominoes, the path and impacts can be difficult to predict. In … Continue reading

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Post-disaster angst fuels Japanese pop artist’s tablet-focused works via Mashable

f art is the most honest barometer of technology’s effect on the human condition, Takashi Murakami’s latest works uncover a Japan still quietly reeling from 2011’s Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, and struggling with the ever-present specter of the ongoing nuclear … Continue reading

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Ferguson – Fukushima – Financial Crisis via Counterpunch

By Peter Linebaugh In Ferguson Michael Brown a young man, age eighteen, was shot eight times while he walked down the middle of the street. That is indubitable. Here’s a spin on it. The earth, including the street, is “the … Continue reading

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Two US power plants infected with malware spread via USB drive via ARS Technica

Investigators find no up-to-date antivirus, system backups for control systems. Critical control systems inside two US power generation facilities were found infected with computer malware, according to the US Industrial Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team. Both infections were spread … Continue reading

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French anti-nuclear movement allies with austerity drive via Deutsche Welle

A team of energy experts, engineers and architects wants to free the French of their nuclear dependence by 2050. In an election year, the appeal to energy austerity is attracting attention from left to right. It’s all in the name. … Continue reading

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