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NRA safety license for Sendai reactors legal, Fukuoka court finds, dismissing volcano risk lawsuit via Japan Times

FUKUOKA – A district court said on Monday it found nothing illegal with a safety clearance granted to two reactors in Kyushu that were restarted after the 2011 Fukushima nuclear crisis, dismissing a demand for a retraction filed by plaintiffs who … Continue reading

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<社説>川内原発停止要求 民意背負う知事に応じよ via 琉球新報

 稼働中の原発の一時停止を知事が求めたのは初めてだ。住民の命、安全を最優先する立場からの要請は当然の行動であり、支持したい。  鹿児島県の三反園訓(みたぞのさとし)知事が、稼働中の九州電力川内原発1、2号機の一時停止と再点検、周辺の活断層調査などを九州電力の瓜生(うりゅう)道明社長に要請した。  一時停止は7月に初当選した三反園知事の公約だ。4月に起きた震度7級の熊本地震を受け、原発を抱える不安を募らせた県民の多くの支持を得て、原発推進の前知事を破った。  立地県の民意を背負う知事が、電力会社に原発停止を直接要請した意義は大きい。  「安全神話」が崩れた福島第1原発事故を受け、原発の存在に不安を抱くのは鹿児島県民だけではない。三反園知事の行動を多くの国民が注視している。 […] 九電は「熊本地震後に安全性について問題はないと確認した」と主張している。原子力規制委の田中俊一委員長は「われわれがきちんと審査してきた原発の何を点検するのか」と、冷や水を浴びせた。  政府と規制委、九電が気脈を通わせる中、九電が一時停止するかについては否定的な見方が強い。  川内原発1号機は10月、2号機は12月に約2カ月間の定期検査に入り、運転を停止するが、検査終了後の運転再開時には地元の同意を得ることが慣例化している。知事は安全性に疑念が残るなら、同意を拒めばいい。九電は、原発稼働には地元の理解が不可欠であることを再認識せねばならない。 もっと読む。

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Anti-nuclear governor in Japan asks Kyushu Electric to suspend nuke plant via Reuters

A local Japanese governor on Friday asked Kyushu Electric Power to temporarily suspend the Sendai nuclear plant, one of two operating in the nation, further clouding efforts by the government and utilities to restart more idled reactors. Anti-nuclear advocate Satoshi … Continue reading

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New Kagoshima governor to request halt of reactors via Japan Today

New Kagoshima Gov Satoshi Mitazono, elected on an antinuclear platform, said Thursday he will request a temporary halt of reactivated nuclear reactors in the southwestern Japan prefecture, currently the only reactors operating in the country.“There are concerns over nuclear power … Continue reading

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Kyushu Electric assures public that nuclear plant is safe via The Asahi Shimbun

Kyushu Electric Power Co. brushed aside safety concerns expressed in thousands of phone calls and e-mails, saying its Sendai nuclear plant in Kagoshima Prefecture faces no danger from the quakes rattling the southern main island. The Nuclear Regulation Authority also … Continue reading

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Writers urge Kyushu Electric to shut down nuclear plant via The Asahi Shimbun

Citing days of continued earthquake activity, a group of writers and journalists on April 16 asked Kyushu Electric Power Co. to immediatley suspend operations at its Sendai nuclear power plant in Kagoshima Prefecture. Among those seeking the shutdown of the … Continue reading

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National High court upholds ruling endorsing restarts of Sendai reactors via The Japan Times

A high court on Wednesday rejected an appeal by local residents against a ruling last year allowing the restart of two reactors at a nuclear power plant in Kagoshima Prefecture. The Fukuoka High Court’s Miyazaki branch ruled that “it cannot … Continue reading

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Nearly 2,000 protest restart of 2nd nuclear reactor in Kyushu via The Asahi Shimbun

KAGOSHIMA–About 1,800 people from around Kyushu converged here on Oct. 12 to protest the planned restart of another reactor at the Sendai nuclear plant, saying the operator has made a decision that is “suicidal.” Waving placards stating, “Nuclear plant, no … Continue reading

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Japan split over restart of first nuclear reactor since Fukushima disaster via The Guardian

Rising costs from gas and oil are sited by supporters of a programme to bring reactors back on line, but ageing plant and risks raise widespread concern […] Just over four years since Fukushima Daiichi had a triple meltdown, triggering … Continue reading

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Radiation levels to rise five-fold at newly active Sendai plant via The Japan Times

Radiation levels for workers at Kyushu Electric Power Co.’s Sendai nuclear power station are expected to rise five-fold now that the plant’s No. 1 reactor has been restarted. Documents compiled by the Nuclear Regulation Authority show the average annual radiation … Continue reading

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