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10 Years Living with Fukushima

Thyroid cancer in Fukushima children increased 20-fold via Alex Rosen, IPPNW Latest results of the Fukushima thyroid screenings confirm worrying trend In 2011, people in Japan were exposed to radioactive fallout. Some still live in contaminated regions where they are … Continue reading

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Professor Toshihide Tsuda’s Press Conference on “Pediatric Thyroid Cancer After the Fukushima Accident” via Fukushima Voice Version 2e

[…]2. Significance of publication of the paper and the issue of screening effect and the overdiagnosis discourse  This analysis revealed that thyroid cancer incidence within three years of the accident increased by several tens of times in Fukushima residents who … Continue reading

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Demystifying the Official Discourse on Childhood Thyroid Cancer in Fukushima via The Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus

By Piers Williamson […]Between them, Yamashita and Suzuki give four ‘facts’ to support their denials of a link with radiation exposure. First, Suzuki holds that the unprecedented scale of the testing explains the cancers being found. This is the so-called … Continue reading

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