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Bangladesh to start work on first nuclear reactor next month: minister via Reuters

[…] Bangladesh has been planning to build nuclear plants since the 1960s but a lack of support and other factors have delayed the much-needed project in a country known for frequent power cuts. Two nuclear reactors, each with 1,100 megawatts … Continue reading

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Rosatom loses hope in its international nuclear builds, eyes renewables via Bellona

Amid decreasing world demand for nuclear energy, Russia’s state nuclear corporation last week warned it would likely be receiving fewer requests to build nuclear power plants abroad. The announcement marks a sharp departure for the corporation, which until recently has … Continue reading

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Japan nuclear cleanup next target in Russian economic offensive via Nikkei Asian Review

SOSNOVY BOR, Russia — A Russian state company has offered to help decontaminate radioactive water at the battered Fukushima nuclear power plant and assist in decomissioning reactors. In addition to export revenues, Moscow sees a chance to cozy up to … Continue reading

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Plutonium mess: SC wrangling with DOE over nuclear waste facility, Russia grows angry via RT

Approved by Congress as far back as 1998, the Savannah River Site’s Mixed Oxide Fuel (MOX) Fabrication Facility is designed to turn weapons-grade plutonium into power plant reactor fuel. Moscow and Washington signed a deal in 2000 under which each … Continue reading

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Russia is creating a global nuclear power empire via Global Risk Insights

Russia is moving to create a global nuclear power empire — a bold power play that elicits opportunity and risk far beyond the nuclear reactors themselves. […] The Rosatom Model The strategy has thus far been relatively straightforward. Russia’s nuclear … Continue reading

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Russia offers to help Japan shut down Fukushima reactors via RT

[…] “A new sphere of cooperation with Japan is emerging for us. We want to help our Japanese colleagues in liquidating the Fukushima meltdown consequences,” said the deputy head of Rosatom Kirill Komarov. The cooperation could involve Russia shutting down … Continue reading

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Revealed: real price of nuclear energy via BDLive

THE price of electricity generated by nuclear power is expected to be higher than that from any other technology except for gas and diesel, two separate and independent analyses have found. The government is pressing ahead with a politically driven … Continue reading

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New material promises 120-year reactor lives via World Nuclear News

A new ‘ultra pure’ nickel alloy has been used to create a reactor vessel, which Rosatom says could potentially last 120 years. In a nuclear power plant the reactor pressure vessel contains the reactor core itself, demanding the highest resilience … Continue reading

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Turkey’s Energy Ministry refuses to deliver int’l report on Akkuyu nuclear plant to court via Today’s Zaman

Turkey’s Energy Ministry has refused to deliver an international infrastructure report on the country’s much-debated Akkuyu nuclear power plant on which construction has started in the country’s southern province of Mersin to a court, saying the report concerns the security … Continue reading

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Russian roulette? Finland’s inexplicable nuclear obsession via Ecologist

Does Finland suffer from a nuclear death wish? So it seems, writes Ulla Klötzer. Its government responded to the world’s two greatest nuclear disasters by … ordering a new nuclear plant. And as the Olkiluoto nuclear project descended into face … Continue reading

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