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Fukushima Now Part 1: On the Eighth Spring Since the Accident –Living in a world full of contradictions via Citizens’ Nuclear Information Center

Report on Fukushima Prefectural People’s Rally On March 17, 3,300 people participated in the “2018 A Fukushima Without Nukes! Prefectural People’s Rally” held at Tenjin Misaki, Naraha Town. Large numbers of people gathered from all over Japan to what was … Continue reading

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10% return to Fukushima town since evacuation order lifted in ’15 via The Asahi Shimbun

NARAHA, Fukushima Prefecture–Only 10 percent of Naraha residents have returned home near the stricken Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant in the year since the evacuation order was lifted, a rate that could threaten the town’s survival. More than half of … Continue reading

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Fukushima OKs disposal site for radioactive waste within prefecture via The Asahi Shimbun

Fukushima Prefecture signaled Dec. 2 it will host the final disposal site for highly radioactive waste produced by the 2011 nuclear disaster, with Governor Masao Uchibori expected to relay his decision to the Environment Ministry this week. The central government’s … Continue reading

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Fukushima ghost town struggles back to life via The Irish Times

[…] Their town, once home to 7,800 people, has a new kindergarten, school and welfare centre where former nuclear evacuees can get counselling. All that’s missing are people: fewer than 200 residents have returned. Last month, Naraha became the first … Continue reading

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Fukushima-area residents return home after 4½ years via CBC News

Radiation levels in northeast town of Naraha deemed safe following decontamination […] According to a government survey, however, 53 per cent of the evacuees from Naraha, which is 20 kilometres south of the nuclear plant, say they’re either not ready … Continue reading

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Fukushima town residents protest official’s comment about radiation safety via The Mainichi

Nuclear evacuees from the Fukushima Prefecture town of Naraha have protested over a government official’s comment that he thinks the safety of the town’s drinking water is “a psychological issue.” The whole town was designated as a no-entry zone after … Continue reading

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Evacuees from Fukushima town get official OK to return home in time for Bon via the Asahi Shimbun

IWAKI, Fukushima Prefecture–Residents of the town of Naraha in Fukushima Prefecture will be allowed to return home permanently in early August since being evacuated after the 2011 nuclear disaster, although it’s unclear how many will. The central government said June … Continue reading

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Waste Site Referendum via The Japan Times

NARAHA, Fukushima Pref. JIJI A group of Fukushima residents in the fallout-hit town of Naraha on Friday requested that a local ordinance be drafted to hold a referendum on accepting interim nuclear waste storage in the municipality. Such a facility … Continue reading

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Floating Fukushima wind farm to energize region’s hopes and households via The Asahi Shimbun

NARAHA, Fukushima Prefecture–Within sight of the crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant, a high-tech wind farm that will eventually bring clean energy to thousands of homes is now under construction. The farm is 20 kilometers off the coast of … Continue reading

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Tainted water allowed to run off Fukushima cleanup crews cut corners via The Japan Times

Two construction joint ventures hired to wash radioactive substances off buildings in two Fukushima Prefecture communities in December allowed the tainted water to run off into street gutters, an Environment Ministry official said Tuesday. Although not illegal, the conduct of … Continue reading

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