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Damage & Offsite Power Lost At Waterford Nuclear Plant Due To Ida via SimplyInfo.org

[…] This is a critical failure for a plant, leaving it dependent on diesel generators to keep reactor systems cooled. […] Read more.

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Nuclear Power Plant Still Threatened by Florence Rainfall via National Geographic

[…] Already, North Carolina Emergency Management has reported more than 600,000 are without power, and six nuclear power plants owned by Duke Energy are bracing for impact. At a press conference attended by CNN, a representative from FEMA said the power … Continue reading

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Hurricane Florence: North Carolina fears possible environmental disaster via The Guardian

Waste from hog manure pits, coal ash dumps and other industrial sites could wash into homes and contaminate drinking water […] There are 16 nuclear reactors in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia, the states expected to suffer the most … Continue reading

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Ann Darling: Climate change should hasten end of nuclear power via The Daily Hampshire Gazette

Climate change should hasten end of nuclear power The front-page article (“Experts: Warming world no place for nukes,” Sept. 25) reported about the risks of nuclear weapons in a rapidly warming world, as conflicts over land and resources increase. Climate … Continue reading

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Nuclear Plants Plus Hurricanes: Disasters Waiting to Happen via Common Dreams

Throughout the world, some 430 reactors are in various stages of vulnerability to natural disaster, including ninety-nine in the United States. by Harvey Wasserman Although the mainstream media said next to nothing about it, independent experts have made it clear that Hurricanes … Continue reading

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