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Fukushima Pref Police HQ online poster asking for public vigilantism against “illegal foreign workers, overstayers” via Debito.org

[…] PLEASE COOPERATE IN INVESTIGATIONS OF CRIME BY FOREIGNERS COMING TO JAPAN. Nationwide, there are many cases of things like theft and heinous crimes by foreign muggers coming to Japan. In Fukushima Prefecture as well, the following have occurred: Widespread cases … Continue reading

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Tokyo supermarket for foreign tourists push significant number of Fukushima products / Labels in Kanji・Un supermarché pour touristes de Tokyo met en avant de nombreux produits de Fukushima : étiquetés en japonais via Fukushima Diary

A supermarket in Tokyo for foreign tourists sell significant number of Fukushima products. It’s TAKEYA located near JR Okachimachi station. Their website reads, it’s the most popular discount store among tourist from foreign countries. […] Un supermarché pour touristes de … Continue reading

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