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Trinity Nuclear Test’s Fallout Reached 46 States, Canada and Mexico, Study Finds via New York Times

By Lesley M. M. Blume In July 1945, as J. Robert Oppenheimer and the other researchers of the Manhattan Project prepared to test their brand-new atomic bomb in a New Mexico desert, they knew relatively little about how that mega-weapon would … Continue reading

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‘We deserve better’: Residents demand action to extend radiation exposure compensation via Las Vegas Review-Journal

By David Wilson Las Vegas Review-Journal Sheron Carter’s brother and grandfather died from cancer after working at the Nevada Test Site. Three years ago, the 66-year-old Las Vegas native was diagnosed with breast cancer. Now, she’s demanding lawmakers take action to compensate … Continue reading

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New type of fallout from Fukushima Daiichi found a decade after nuclear disaster via Physics World

[…] Breaching sea defences, the water from the wave shut down emergency generators that were cooling the reactor cores. The result was a series of nuclear meltdowns and hydrogen explosions that released a large amount of radioactive material into the … Continue reading

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Utah’s McAdams helps block federal funding for nuclear weapons testing via Daily Herald

Utah Rep. Ben McAdams, D-Utah, says he was successful in blocking federal funding for nuclear testing from being approved in the 2021 National Defense Authorization Act. Earlier this year, the U.S. House passed an amendment sponsored by McAdams to “prohibit any funding … Continue reading

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Consequences of Nuclear Tests, Pokhran and Beyond: An Interview with Prof. Robert Jacobs via DiaNuke.org

May 26, 2019 This month in India marked 21 years of the 1998 Pokharan nuclear tests, amid an acerbic and jingoist election campaign, resulting in the Hindu nationalist BJP’s return to power with Mr. Narendra Modi at the helm. Now … Continue reading

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A Huge Amount of Nuclear Fallout Is Embedded in Glaciers, And They’re Starting to Melt via Science Alert

David Neild As we continue to see warming glaciers collapse and melt into the ocean, we’re potentially looking at a ticking time bomb of buried nuclear material, according to new research. Scientists have analysed 17 glacier sites and found fallout radionuclides (FRNs) trapped within … Continue reading

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The ambivalent nuclear politics of Fallout video games via Bulletin of Atomic Scientists

By Cameron Hunter   The late French filmmaker, François Truffaut, once claimed “There’s no such thing as an anti-war film”—referring to the adventure and thrill of combat, the (usually) clear-cut heroes and villains, and the opportunity for the film-maker to … Continue reading

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The beauty created by the ‘Destroyer of Worlds’ via UNM Newsroom

The cultural phenomenon of nuclear fallout as a collectable By Katie Williams November 02, 2017 […] Part of the heritage Pfeiffer is speaking of is the physical legacy of atomic bombs. A jewel-like mineral Trinitite, was created from the first detonation … Continue reading

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What’s the Fallout for Dogs Near Fukushima? via PBS Newshour

At the tail end of Miles O’Brien’s latest NewsHour report on radiation in Japan, a golden dog with a thick red collar trots into the street of the abandoned town, Katsurao, and weaves along the center divider. Miles asks, off … Continue reading

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