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News Navigator: How is spent nuclear fuel cooled without water? via Mainichi

With air-cooled dry casks recently receiving attention as a means of storing spent nuclear fuel, the Mainichi answers common questions readers may have about this and other ways in which nuclear waste is stored. Question: How is spent nuclear fuel … Continue reading

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Utilities balk at safer storage of spent nuclear fuel to avoid ‘wasted investment’ via The Asahi Shimbun

Power companies have resisted government calls to construct safer storage facilities for spent nuclear fuel and are instead waiting for a fuel reprocessing plant to finally start running after nearly two decades of delays. The utilities say that building dry … Continue reading

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“The sky is blue. Water is wet. ‘Illinois Biggest Atomic Dump’” – says Bloomberg Press via Nuclear Energy Information Service (NEIS)

Article on radioactive waste buildup captures public attention. Finally. Dave Kraft, Director, NEIS October 25, 2013 An article in the Bloomberg Press of Oct. 25, 2013 titled “Illinois Biggest Atomic Dump as U.S. Fails to Pick Site,” has received a … Continue reading

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Sorrell, attorney generals from New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts petition Nuclear Regulatory Commission via VTDigger.org

Vermont and three other states have petitioned the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to re-evaluate the environmental impacts of long-term storage of spent radioactive fuel on nuclear plant sites. Vermont Attorney General Bill Sorrell and the Department of Public Service joined attorney … Continue reading

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Why Fukushima Is a Greater Disaster than Chernobyl and a Warning Sign for the U.S. via the Institute for Policy Studies

By Robert Alvarez The radioactive inventory of all the irradiated nuclear fuel stored in spent fuel pools at Fukushima is far greater and even more problematic than the molten cores. […] As more information is made available, we now know … Continue reading

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