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Living on a Deadline in the Nuclear Age. Some Personal News via Common Dreams (Reader Supported News)

By Daniel Ellsberg Dear friends and supporters, I have difficult news to impart. On February 17, without much warning, I was diagnosed with inoperable pancreatic cancer on the basis of a CT scan and an MRI. (As is usual with … Continue reading

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Hiroshima/Nagasaki Commemoration – Daniel Ellsberg, Hibakusha Setsuko Thurlow, Marylia Kelley of Tri-Valley CARES via Nuclear Hotseat

Hiroshima watch frozen at the exact time the atomic bomb landed on August 6, 1945. Listen Here:   Podcast: Download Hiroshima/Nagasaki Commemoration: Marylia Kelley, executive director of Tri-Valley CARES, explains the group’s special focus on the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory and its annual August 6 March … Continue reading

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Daniel Ellsberg Arrested at Lawrence Livermore Lab on 70th Anniversary of Nuclear Bombing of Hiroshima via Reader Supported News

ietnam War-era whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg, 84, known for releasing the Pentagon Papers in 1971, has once again been arrested for protesting U.S. nuclear weapon arsenals, this time at Lawrence Livermore Labs on Thursday, August 7, the 70th anniversary of the … Continue reading

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Stirring the dust at Rocky Flats via The Boulder Weekly

Book re-release chronicles new developments at Rocky Flats and the history and value of civil disobedience By Camilla Sterne When the 23-year-old Joe Daniel was assigned to cover the Rocky Flats protests in 1978 as a reporter and photojournalist for … Continue reading

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