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Ukraine sees risk of radiation leak at Chernobyl, IAEA sees ‘no critical impact’ on safety via Reuters

[…] State-run nuclear company Energoatom said a high-voltage power line had been damaged during fighting between Ukrainian troops and Russian forces who are occupying the defunct plant, and that it had been cut off from the national power grid. read more … Continue reading

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Military action in radioactive Chernobyl could be dangerous for people and the environment via The Conversation

By Timothy A. Mousseau […] On April 26, 1986, Chernobyl’s reactor number four melted down as a result of human error, releasing vast quantities of radioactive particles and gases into the surrounding landscape – 400 times more radioactivity to the environment than the … Continue reading

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THE FALLOUT FROM CHERNOBYL IS BOTH VAST AND ONGOING. In 1986, the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant accident killed two workers at the plant immediately, and in the following days and weeks, the fatalities rose. Today, two studies show how the accident’s effects continue to … Continue reading

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Chernobyl is now a war zone via The Ecologist

By Jim Green The next Chernobyl scale nuclear disaster could happen in Chernobyl as the Ukraine conflict intensifies. The invasion of Ukraine by Russia poses several nuclear threats, including the possibility of deliberate or inadvertent military strikes or cyber-strikes on … Continue reading

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Russia Just Seized Chernobyl: Here’s Why It Matters via Mother Jones

“A nuclear reactor is a vulnerable source of energy because it relies on peace and stability.” Kate Brown [interview] By Isabella Dias […] Can you remind readers why was the Chernobyl nuclear accident is such a big deal and what … Continue reading

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2021 Bandazhevsky speech in Paris with English subtitle via Mari Takenouchi

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A uniquely Turkish nuclear energy tale via Bulletin of Atomic Scientists

By Şebnem Udum | November 24, 2021 […] International proponents of nuclear energy tout its affordability, environmental friendliness, and ability to provide abundant, uninterrupted electricity. Meanwhile, international nuclear energy opponents born from the 1960s and ‘70s antinuclear movement were first concerned with … Continue reading

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Three decades on, German mushrooms still show imprint of Chernobyl via Reuters

By Zuzanna Szymanska and Thomas Escritt BERLIN, Oct 8 (Reuters) – Around 95% of wild mushroom samples collected in Germany in the last six years still showed radioactive contamination from the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster, albeit not above legal limits, the German food … Continue reading

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Refusing to learn the lessons from Chernobyl, Poland embarks on a rash nuclear power program via Beyond Nuclear International

By Beata Cymerman […] The Chernobyl disaster in Poland The government of Poland didn’t immediately release an official statement regarding the catastrophe. Poland was a satellite state of the Soviet Union. After the day of the explosion, April 26, no … Continue reading

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Chernobyl’s Blown Up Reactor 4 Just Woke Up via History of Yesterday

Scientists don’t understand why… Andrei Tapalaga […] “Chernobyl will never be a problem” Underneath reactor 4 there is still nuclear fuel that is active and which will take around 20,000 years for it to deplete. The uranium is too radioactive for … Continue reading

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