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Telebriefing: NTP draft conclusions for radiofrequency radiation studies in rats and mice via NIH

What The National Toxicology Program (NTP) will hold a media telebriefing to summarize and answer questions about draft reports on the health effects of radiofrequency radiation exposure in rats and mice. The studies used radiofrequency radiation exposure levels equal to … Continue reading

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Apple eliminates headphone jack from iPhone 7: Harmful to your health? via CNN

[…] Many tech writers are touting the positive implications of this seismic shift for cell phones: better sound quality, a thinner design and superior water resistance, to name a few. But the new wireless AirPods (which will be available for … Continue reading

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‘No’ to telco tower via The New Straits Times

The protest was led by the Penang EMF Radiation Protection Association on Tuesday. Association secretary Ong Bee Lay said the telecommunication tower (telco tower) was hazardous to those in the school and people who live nearby. “We realise that schools … Continue reading

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Radiation-linked concerns should shift to handsets: Cellular Operators Association of India via The Economic Times

NEW DELHI: India’s GSM operators want the telecom department (DoT) to drive regulation of cell tower emissions to pre-empt vested interests from derailing network expansion and hurting quality of mobile coverage. […] Tower emission fears, he said, were being unfairly … Continue reading

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Maharashtra govt to pull plug on cell towers if they breach radiation norms via mid-day

To check the mushrooming of cell phone towers, the state’s new policy on installation of telecommunication cell sites/base stations (TCS/BS) warns service providers of heavy penalty, besides the possibility of shutdown if they violate norms. […] The policy says that … Continue reading

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