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Can America’s First Floating Wind Farm Shake Off Environmental Concerns? via The Guardian

By Matt Weiser he deep waters off the coast of California could become home to the country’s largest offshore wind energy project and a test case for a technology that is still in its infancy. The 765-megawatt project, proposed by … Continue reading

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California Governor Jerry Brown Calls for 50 Percent Renewable Power via ThinkProgress (Reader Supported News)

Brown listed three main goals to be accomplished within the next 15 years: First, to increase the amount of electricity the state derives from renewable sources from one-third to 50 percent. Second, to reduce petroleum use in cars and trucks … Continue reading

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Fukushima Radiation: Govt Launches Web Site Noting Safety of Fishes Around Plant via International Business Times

The fisheries organization at Fukushima Prefecture in February launched a Web site that will contain information concerning the radiation levels of fishes caught in waters surrounding the crippled nuclear power plant. The Yomiuri Shimbun reported the Web site of Fukushima … Continue reading

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Radiation threat on Treasure Island, report says via SF Gate

Despite six years of Navy cleanup and San Francisco city government reassurances that Treasure Island is safe, children living there might be at risk of radiation poisoning, a newly released state health department memo concludes. Earlier this year, California Department of … Continue reading

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Californians Consider a Future Without a Nuclear Plant for a Neighbor via The New York Times

SAN CLEMENTE, Calif. — Residents of this quiet Orange County beach community often all but forgot about the hulking nuclear plant just south of the city limits. But reminders, while infrequent, were jarring. The governor’s office mailed residents potassium iodide … Continue reading

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Geothermal at crucial juncture as conference comes to Reno via RGJ.com

Just days before a major gathering of key geothermal players in Reno, the industry finds itself at a crucial juncture that could determine its very future. With natural gas prices plummeting, the once-sizzling pace of geothermal development is starting to … Continue reading

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Kan: Only nuclear-free society can avoid accidents via NHK World

Japan’s former prime minister Naoto Kan says the only way to completely avert nuclear accidents is to build a society that can do without nuclear power. Kan made the comment on Tuesday at a seminar in San Diego, California. It … Continue reading

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San Onofre, Hanford help fuel anti-nuke initiative via The Daily Transcript

The operators of the San Onofre Nuclear Power Station and the nuclear waste reservation at Hanford, Wash., could not be doing more if they actually wanted to promote a prospective ballot initiative aimed at keeping San Onofre offline and also … Continue reading

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Bluefin Tuna From The Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown Still Have Traces Of Radiation via Forbes

Last May I wrote a piece about Bluefin tuna caught off the coast of southern California that carried radiation from the Fukushima, Japan, nuclear plant that was damaged in the March 2011. The fish were caught in August 2011 as … Continue reading

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Initiative Would Shutter California Nuclear Plants For Decades While Feds Ponder Waste via Forbes

California Secretary of State Debra Bowen cleared an initiative Wednesday that would shut down California’s two existing nuclear power plants until the federal government figures out what to do with the used fuel—a process expected to take at least 35 … Continue reading

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