Documenting the “Atomic Cover-up” via Pressing Issues

While I’ve been posting mainly short pieces here related to my book coming on July 7, The Beginning or the End:  How Hollywood–and America–Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb,  I have also finished writing and directing my first film.  It is based on a previous (and related) book, Atomic Cover-up, and you can now view four brief excerpts below.  

The new film reveals the suppression of sensational, and vitally important, film footage, starting in 1946.  Top U.S. officials and the military buried the only color footage shot in Hiroshima and Nagasaki after the bombings–by an elite U.S. Army film team–as well as the most historic B&W footage shot by the top Japanese newsreel crew.   I first uncovered this many years ago.   Directing a film about it, using the long-hidden images and the haunting first-person accounts of the men, Japanese and American, who shot the footage, has now been realized in a unique and powerful yet (I believe) artful way.  I wrote an article detailing all this, just published. For more info, you can contact me at:  gregmitch34 (at)   gmail (dot) com. 

The doc is presently 47 minutes long.  I am co-producer along with Suzanne Mitchell (no relation).  Charlie Seaborn composed an original score.  Rob Burgos edited.  Among the advisers are Academy Award-winning director Alex Gibney, Pulitzer-winning historian Martin Sherwin,  actor/director Alex Winter and the leading American authority on the B&W footage, Abe Marcus Nornes.  

Read more at Documenting the “Atomic Cover-up”

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