Iranian nuclear threat is ‘exaggerated,’ says Israel’s Olmert via Al Arabiya

Israel’s former Prime minister Ehud Olmert said Sunday that Iran’s nuclear program threat is “exaggerated” since it has not shown progress in the past years,  Israeli news website Ynet quoted Olmert as saying.

Speaking at the annual Jerusalem Post conference in New York, Olmert said “Iran has yet to cross the ‘red line’” defined earlier by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu when speaking at the U.N..

Olmert said the extent through which Iran’s nuclear program can present a threat has been “exaggerated,” Ynet reported.

The former prime minister recalled that when the Israeli cabinet was told by analysts that “in the year 2008, and at the latest 2009, the Iranians will have a nuclear capacity, we took it very seriously. Now, we are in the middle of 2013 – and they still don’t have it.”

However, Olmert added that Iranians should truly consider “the U.S.’s statement that it would do all in its power to ensure Iran did not reach nuclear capabilities,” the website said.

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