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European Union to pass strategy paper on nuclear energy via DW

Ahead of a meeting of the EU’s Energy Commissioners, a report obtained by German media has revealed plans for the future of nuclear power in Europe. The plans run contrary to German policy. Citing a strategy paper from EU on … Continue reading

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Radioactivity has no borders via Arabian Gazette

Harun Yahya takes up the case against Nuclear Energy and opines that instead countries should invest in alternative and renewable energy. […] Sadly, it is still impossible to prevent leakage of radioactive materials at the Fukushima nuclear plant. The nuclear … Continue reading

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Radioactive spikes from nuclear plants – a likely cause of childhood leukemia via Ecologist

When nuclear reactors are refueled, a 12-hour spike in radioactive emissions exposes local people to levels of radioactivity up to 500 times greater than during normal operation, writes Ian Fairlie. The spikes may explain infant leukemia increases near nuclear plants … Continue reading

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