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Bad precedent for nuclear restarts via The Japan Times

Located in an area with a history of volcanic activity, the Sendai plant is viewed as being vulnerable to future possible eruptions. Kyushu Electric says that if an imminent eruption is predicted, it will take the nuclear fuel out of … Continue reading

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Lawsuit: Quake standards altered at California nuclear plant via San Francisco Chronicle

Federal regulators secretly and illegally revised the license for California’s last nuclear power facility — PG&E’s Diablo Canyon — to mask the aging plant’s vulnerability to earthquakes, according to a lawsuit filed Tuesday by environmentalists. The suit claims that the … Continue reading

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(33 Years Ago Today) Diablo Canyon via This Week in History

A blockade started at a nuclear power plant construction site in Diablo Canyon near San Luis Obispo, California. Nearly 10,000 people tried to prevent fuel rods from being loaded into the two reactor cores. Over two weeks, 1,901 are arrested … Continue reading

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Shut California’s Fukushima: Diablo Must Go via Reader Supported News

By Harvey Wasserman he catastrophe at Fukushima was not an accident. It’s unfolding again in California. The next west coast quake could easily shake the two reactors at Diablo Canyon to rubble. They are riddled with defects, can’t withstand potential … Continue reading

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