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In Gorky Park, with nuclear worries via The Hill

BY MATTHEW BUNN, OPINION CONTRIBUTOR  On a recent Friday night in Moscow, I went for a stroll through Gorky Park, along the Moscow River. Mothers were pushing their toddlers in strollers; couples were walking hand-in-hand; people in paddle boats were … Continue reading

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Our nuclear legacy is also our nuclear future via The Verge

Journalist Fred Pearce chronicles nuclear disasters throughout history in his new book, Fallout. In the spring of 2016, journalist Fred Pearce spent an afternoon drinking what he suspected was radioactive vodka, flavored with herbs grown near the site of Chernobyl’s … Continue reading

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Large fire ravages Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, tons of water poured in by planes via RT

A major wildfire is sweeping through the Chernobyl nuclear disaster area. The authorities have deployed dozens of fire trucks as firefighting aircraft bombard the radioactive exclusion zone with massive amounts of water. The fire inside the Chernobyl ‘dead zone,’ which … Continue reading

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The 60-Year Downfall of Nuclear Power in the U.S. Has Left a Huge Mess via The Atlantic

The demand for atomic energy is in decline. But before the country can abandon its plants, there’s six decades of waste to deal with. It was just another day in the life of the defunct Hanford nuclear site, a remote … Continue reading

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Russia’s first sea-borne nuclear power plant arrives in Arctic via Reuters

MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russia’s first-floating nuclear power plant arrived in the Arctic port of Murmansk over the weekend in preparation for its maiden mission, providing electricity to an isolated Russian town across the Bering Strait from Alaska. […] In Murmansk … Continue reading

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For 40 Years, Hollywood Has Tried To Kill Nuclear Power. Will It Finally Try To Save It? via Forbes

[…] “Madam Secretary” is fictional. It’s unlikely that Secretary Pompeo has ever said anything approaching, “climate change is the existential threat of our time.” And yet, in the course of just a few minutes, seven million viewers learned more accurate … Continue reading

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Chernobyl’s Mutated Species May Help Protect Astronauts via National Geographic

Some species in the radioactive site show resistances to radiation—and their genetic protections may one day be applied to humans. On the big screen, astronauts face many dangers, from explosions, to suffocating in the vacuum of space, to maniacal red-eyed … Continue reading

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Russia’s ‘nuclear titanic’ sets off for Norway coast via The Local

A Russian power plant dubbed a “nuclear Titanic” by environmental campaigners set off on Saturday at the start of journey that will take it up Norway’s coast.   Akademik Lomonosov, the world’s first floating nuclear power plant, left the Baltic … Continue reading

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Scholar on Nuclear Disasters: ‘I Am Not Optimistic About Our Collective Future’ via Sputnik

On the 32nd anniversary of the most destructive man-caused disasters in history, the explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in northern Ukraine, Sputnik discussed the liquidation of nuclear incidents throughout the world with Majia H. Nadesan, Risk Innovation Fellow … Continue reading

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One in four thyroid cancer cases registered near Chernobyl site likely caused by radiation exposure – new UN study via UN News

A quarter of all thyroid cancer cases among patients who were children at the time of the Chernobyl accident 32 years ago, are “probably” due to high doses of radiation received during and after the event, the United Nations body … Continue reading

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