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‘Scorpion’ robot mission inside Fukushima reactor aborted via Phys.org

[…] TEPCO, the operator of the Fukushima nuclear plant, sent the remote-controlled device into the No. 2 reactor where radiation levels have recently hit record highs. The “scorpion” robot, so-called because it can lift up its camera-mounted tail to achieve … Continue reading

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TEPCO pulls robot cleaner from Fukushima N-reactor via Japan News

[…] Analyzing already sent images, TEPCO estimated the maximum radiation level at 650 sieverts per hour. But it is yet to be known whether the highest-ever radiation level determined for the No. 2 unit indicates that the deposits on the … Continue reading

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Robot sent to Fukushima reactor core records fatal radiation levels (VIDEO) via RT

Delivering on its promise to release all new Fukushima radiation data, TEPCO has announced that spending an hour in the epicenter will kill you. Robot readings from inside the contaminated area of the No. 1 reactor showed a deadly 9.7 … Continue reading

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Asimo does bottles, lovey-dovey hand gestures via CNET News

Honda’s humanoid robot Asimo can now run faster, hop around, autonomously avoid people, and communicate in sign language with its new hands. In the first major update to the droid in four years, Asimo has improved AI skills, being able to … Continue reading

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