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When 10,000 square miles of contamination is an acceptable risk: The NRC’s faulty concept via The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists

By Victor Gilinsky In making safety decisions, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission uses accident probability calculations that are much more optimistic than anything that nuclear manufacturers like General Electric and Westinghouse actually believe. The result is weak public protection. A good … Continue reading

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Risk of another Chernobyl or Fukushima type accident plausible, experts say via Science Daily

Date:September 19, 2016Source:University of SussexSummary:The biggest-ever statistical analysis of historical accidents suggests that nuclear power is an underappreciated extreme risk and that major changes will be needed to prevent future disasters. A team of risk experts who have carried out … Continue reading

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Scientist weighs homecoming risks in Fukushima via The Japan Times

When scientist Junko Nakanishi stepped into radiation-contaminated towns and villages in Fukushima Prefecture 10 months after the nuclear power plant meltdowns of 2011, she realized how difficult the job of decontamination would be. Surveying the thinly populated areas surrounded by … Continue reading

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Belgium: Possible flaw in nuclear plant via AP

BRUSSELS (AP) – A possible hairline crack in the steel tank containing the reactor at a Belgian nuclear plant poses no danger to the public, the country’s nuclear regulatory agency said Friday. The possible flaw was discovered while the plant … Continue reading

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For how much longer will Japan’s fate remain in the hands of amateurs? via The Japan Times Online

Roger Pulvers … How can the Japanese people rediscover the sense of accomplishment and hope that sustained them for decades following the end of World War II in 1945? The fact is, however, that this question cannot be seriously addressed … Continue reading

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