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No way forward for Maralinga victims via ABC News

Aboriginal people exposed to British atomic tests in the South Australian outback have been told by lawyers their fight for compensation is over because it is impossible to prove radiation caused their illnesses. Seven atomic bombs were detonated at Maralinga … Continue reading

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Hibakusha: Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Beyond via DiaNuke.org

… Nuclear weapon testing is very closely connected to colonial history. Most nuclear powers test weapons either in the far reaches of their empires, or among marginalized populations in their own country. Partly as a result of this legacy, most … Continue reading

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Rid world of nuclear tests via Observer and Eccentric

We celebrate the anniversary of our nation’s founding and are grateful for the freedom we have. And while we’re all out having fun in the sun, a solemn day is almost forgotten. July 16 marks the 67th anniversary of the … Continue reading

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“we who would foster/clouds of disaster” from Touch the Earth Lightly

These lines are from the second verse of a hymn by New Zealand hymn writer Shirley Erena Murray. The title is borrowed from an Australian Aboriginal saying, and “clouds of disaster” refer to French nuclear testing at the time of … Continue reading

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