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Movie shows 3/11 disaster played out in the prime minister’s office via Asahi Shimbun

“Taiyo no Futa” (The Seal of the Sun) goes to great lengths to recreate the tense and chaotic days of the March 2011 earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster, providing a perspective on what happened in the prime minister’s office. The … Continue reading

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Germany gives ex-PM Kan award for efforts to phase out nuclear power in Japan via Japan Today

Former Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan received an award in Germany on Saturday for his work promoting the phase-out of nuclear energy generation in Japan following the 2011 Fukushima nuclear accident.During an award ceremony at the Frankfurt city hall, former … Continue reading

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Fukushima: Tokyo was on the brink of nuclear catastrophe, admits former prime minister via The Telegraph

Five years on from the tsunami, the former Japanese prime minister says the country came within a “paper-thin margin” of a nuclear disaster Japan’s prime minister at the time of the 2011 earthquake and tsunami has revealed that the country … Continue reading

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Fukushima nuclear crisis far from over, Kan says via The Japan Times

WASHINGTON – Former Prime Minister Naoto Kan said Tuesday the nuclear disaster at the Fukushima No. 1 power plant is not over five years since a massive earthquake and tsunami triggered the meltdowns. “There is no doubt” radioactive materials have … Continue reading

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AP Interview: Japan woefully unprepared for nuclear disaster, ex-prime minister says via The Washington Post

TOKYO — Japan was woefully unprepared for last year’s nuclear disaster, the country’s former prime minister said Friday, and suggested that the crippled Fukushima plant should not have been built so close to the ocean on a tsunami-prone coast. In … Continue reading

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Ousting Kan Naoto: The Politics of Nuclear Crisis and Renewable Energy in Japan via Japan Focus

On August 26, 2011, Prime Minister Kan Naoto resigned from office after a tempestuous fifteen months in power. Since May 2011 a virtual lynch mob egged on by the media bayed for his resignation. Kan’s ouster became an obsession of … Continue reading

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Tokyo faced evacuation scenario: Kan via The Japan Times

In the days immediately after the crisis began at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant, the government received a report saying 30 million residents in the Tokyo metropolitan area would have to be evacuated in a worst-case scenario, former … Continue reading

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