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Jaczko: Hansen Doesn’t Know Jack About Nuclear Power via youtube

Jim Hansen is a very knowledgeable person on a lot of subjects. He is not knowledgeable on nuclear power. And it is unfortunate because he’s a person of tremendous stature, but he is very poorly informed on this subject. And … Continue reading

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Mark Jacobson to James Hansen: Nukes Are Not Needed to Solve World’s Climate Crisis via EcoWatch

[Editor’s note: On Dec. 29, former NASA scientist Dr. James Hansen wrote a piece on advancing nuclear energy to help address climate change and air pollution. The article below, by Stanford professor Mark Jacobson, provides a response to Hansen’s comments.] … Continue reading

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Is Dr. James Hansen Actually Anti-Nuke? via EcoWatch

By Harvey Wasserman Dr. James Hansen has repeatedly billed himself as an advocate of nuclear power. Yet sometimes things are so far removed from reality as to not be what they appear to be. Hansen published an article with three … Continue reading

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Naomi Klein disagrees with James Hansen on Nuclear Power

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Groups oppose top climate scientists’ call to embrace nuclear power via E&E publishing

More than 300 groups are rejecting calls from top climate scientists to embrace nuclear power to fight climate change since renewables cannot be deployed fast enough. Environmental and anti-nuclear groups from the United States and 22 other countries told former … Continue reading

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Greens dispute climate scientists on nuclear power via The Hill

Environmentalists are pushing back against four prominent climate scientists who say the green movement should embrace nuclear power plant construction to help fight climate change. E2-Wire wrote about the open letter from the four scientists to environmentalists on Sunday. Several … Continue reading

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Dr. Hansen, We Need You at Fukushima and Diablo Canyon via truthdig

The horrifying news from Fukushima worsens daily. It is an unparalleled global catastrophe that cries out for anyone and everyone with nuclear expertise to pitch in. Topping this list should be Dr. James Hansen. Hansen is a climate scientist and … Continue reading

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