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Medical Care, Compensation Increase for Texas Nuclear Plant Workers via Insurance Journal

[…] The paper reviewed federal totals for health care and compensation awarded for workplace-related illnesses at the Pantex plant near Pampa. About 20 percent of the worker claims for compensation were approved at the nation’s top facility for nuclear weapon … Continue reading

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What If China Has a Fukushima? via Caixin Online

(Beijing) — China has never suffered a Three Mile Island-like nuclear power plant accident, much less a Chernobyl meltdown or a Fukushima disaster. But now that the government under Premier Li Keqiang has put the country on a fast-track for … Continue reading

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Nuclear liability: The market-based, post-Fukushima case for ending Price-Anderson via The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists

Article Highlights The Price-Anderson Act and international treaties unfairly shift the huge liabilities of nuclear accidents from plant operators to governments and the public, creating a “moral hazard” that encourages unsafe and uneconomic practices. Over many decades, regulators have failed … Continue reading

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