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Stop Fukushima Freeways National Campaign Kickoff via NEIS

WHAT: Stop Fukushima Freeways National Campaign Kick-Off WHEN: Tuesday, October 27, 2015 LOCATION AND DETAILS: · Press Release 12 noon: release of maps of potential road and rail transport corridors for high-level radioactive waste (HLRW) through Illinois, and its implications … Continue reading

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Exelon nuclear plants clear latest auction via Business Journal

Exelon Corp. announced Tuesday that all of its Illinois nuclear plants in PJM’s territory, including the Quad-Cities Generating Station, cleared in the power grid operator’s transition capacity auction. The news means the plants, including the economically troubled Cordova plant, can … Continue reading

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Braidwood Nuclear Plant Nearly Hit by Tornado via ABC Eyewitness News

BRAIDWOOD, Ill. (WLS) — The ABC7 I-Team looked at a close call for a nuclear plant when one of Monday night’s twisters brushed by the Braidwood generating station. Braidwood was built to take a direct hit from a tornado. It … Continue reading

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Homegrown Solar Jobs Flourishing in Illinois via public news service

CHICAGO – The sun is shining on solar power in Illinois. A new report ranks the state 12th nationally for the number of people employed in the solar industry, up from 20th in 2013. According to The Solar Foundation, 1,700 … Continue reading

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Illinois report says Exelon nuclear straits not so dire via Midwest Energy News

Has Exelon been crying wolf? Or should the state intervene to help the Chicago-based corporation’s nuclear plants prevent closures that could hurt the economy and endanger the electric supply? A 269-page report created by four Illinois state agencies and released … Continue reading

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State plan would help nuclear plants by punishing carbon-based providers via The Chicago Tribune

linois governmental agencies Wednesday issued a report proposing ways to prop up Exelon’s ailing nuclear power plants, citing the economic and environmental impact that closing those plants could have on the state. The agencies suggested programs and taxes that would … Continue reading

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Playing chicken with Illinois’ electric rates won’t improve the climate via Crain’s

The recent demand by Illinois’ nuclear power plant owner, Exelon, for a breathtaking $580 million per year in rate increases to keep running its plants raises serious questions as to wise ways to fight climate change and ensure energy security. … Continue reading

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Metropolis Radiation Site Emergency — Leak of Toxic Uranium Hexafluoride via NEIS

PRESS RELEASE The Honeywell Metropolis Works facility in Metropolis, Illinois has reported another leak of Uranium Hexafluoride (UF6), a radioactive and toxic chemical compound, produced at the facility which converts uranium ore into uranium hexafluoride for the production of nuclear … Continue reading

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ALERT: Nuclear Accident in Illinois tonight at Honeywell plant, shelter in place via Alternative-News.tk

There was a confirmed uranium hexafluoride release at Honeywell Works in Metropolis, IL at 8pm tonight. Sirens have sounded and Honeywell guards have told people to shelter in place, close windows, and turn off A/C. The Honeywell Works converts raw … Continue reading

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Speaker Madigan, Exelon Declare “Nuclear War” on Renewables, Pass HR1146 via NEIS

Resolution prelude to “bailout” for unprofitable nukes, national anti-renewables campaign CHICAGO— By voice vote the Illinois House approved a resolution introduced by House Speaker Michael Madigan with extensive cooperation from Exelon Corporation that would create massive subsidization of unprofitable Exelon … Continue reading

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