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Maine Voices: Long-buried U.S. nuclear waste would complicate any bid for Greenland via Press Herald

Would the U.S. or Denmark be responsible for cleaning up over 47,000 gallons of Cold War-era radioactive waste? BY DAN POSSUMATO […] Since the early 1950s the U.S. has maintained Thule Air Base on the northwest of the island for the … Continue reading

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Greenland’s Receding Icecap to Expose Top-Secret US Nuclear Project via The Guardian (Reader Supported News)

[…] The US army engineering corps excavated Camp Century in 1959 around 200km (124 miles) from the coast of Greenland, which was then a county of Denmark. Powered, remarkably, by the world’s first mobile nuclear generator and known as “the … Continue reading

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Germany to store atomic waste at Danish border via CPH

Lightly radioactive materials to be stored near Padborg The German state of Schleswig-Holstein is planning to store atomic waste near Harreslev, which is just a stone’s throw away from the Danish border. Some 35,000 tonnes of atomic waste generated from … Continue reading

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Denmark and Greenland confirm uranium agreements via World Nuclear News

The governments of Denmark and Greenland have confirmed the signing of a series of agreements last month setting the framework for future cooperation on foreign, defence and security policy issues related to the mining and commercial export of uranium. On … Continue reading

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Offshore wind is already cheaper than gas or nuclear power – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building via Inhabitat

Team ‘green energy’ recently scored another goal in the ongoing match for power affordability supremacy, when a recent analysis showed wind energy is already cheaper than both gas and nuclear power. The analysis, done by energy consultant Mike Parr, looked … Continue reading

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The myth of expensive offshore wind: it’s already cheaper than gas-fired and nuclear via Energy Post

Analysing public data on offshore wind in Denmark, energy consultant Mike Parr concludes that existing offshore wind is already cheaper than gas-fired power plants. Future offshore wind farms will be cheaper still – and up to 60% less expensive than … Continue reading

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There’s a Nuclear Warhead Trapped Somewhere Under Greenland’s Ice via The Epoch Times

Seemingly forgotten to history, a U.S. Air Force B-52 bomber with four hydrogen bombs on board crashed in Greenland, located 750 north of the Arctic Circle. The plane went down in January 1968 near Thule Air Base after a cabin … Continue reading

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Earth: Game Over? via Foreign Policy in Focus (Reader Supported News)

A subset of environmentalists is already preparing for the end game. In the latest New York Times Magazine, Paul Kingsnorth—the author of the manifesto Uncivilization—confesses that he has given up trying to save the planet. He rejects false hopes. “You … Continue reading

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Denmark to help Vietnam develop green energy via Asian Power

Up to 60 percent of a grant from Denmark will be used in Vietnam for effective use of water resources, clean water supply for the poor, wind energy and activities to cope with climate change. According to John Nielsen, Danish … Continue reading

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