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How to destroy the Future by Noam Chomsky via The Guardian

From the Cuban missile crisis to a fossil fuels frenzy, the US is intent on winning the race to disaster […] The other issue is nuclear war. It’s been known for a long time that if there were to be … Continue reading

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Cutting the U.S. nuclear arsenal can help cut the deficit via The Washington Post

[…] So why do we need 1,000 or more warheads? Why have three types of delivery systems — the triad of subs, bombers and land-based missiles — that all need to be modernized? Originally, the triad was meant to deter … Continue reading

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Russian Roulette With Nuclear War via RSN

By Noam Chomsky, Guardian UK 16 October 12   President Kennedy is often lauded for managing the crisis. The reality is he took stunning risks to impose American hegemony   he world stood still 50 years ago during the last … Continue reading

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