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‘Ongoing threat.’ Groups demand action on leaking Hanford nuclear waste tank via Tri-City Herald

By Annette Cary RICHLAND, WA The newly discovered leak in another of Hanford’s aging tanks storing radioactive waste does not appear to threaten the health of Washington people in the near term, said Gov. Jay Inslee. […] But groups from Seattle to … Continue reading

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Hanford officials move nuclear waste from Columbia River via FiberOne

RICHLAND, Wash. (AP) — Workers at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation have removed the last of the highly radioactive sludge stored in underwater containers near The Columbia River. […] Perry says the project came in ahead of schedule and under budget … Continue reading

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America’s Atomic Time Bomb: Hanford Nuclear Waste Still Poses Serious Risks via Spiegel International

The lambs were born without eyes or mouths. Some had legs that had grotesquely grown together; others had no legs at all. Many were stillborn. Thirty-one were lost in a single night. On a pasture nearby, a cow was found … Continue reading

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American Chernobyl via Intercontinental Cry

Nuclear waste has been leaking into the Columbia River for my entire life, and I recently turned 60. So when I read the BBC News story about new leaks from radioactive waste tanks on the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, I wondered … Continue reading

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