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4 States Struggling to Manage Radioactive Fracking Waste via Ohio Valley ReSource

By Jie Jenny Zou The Marcellus Shale has transformed the Appalachian Basin into an energy juggernaut. Even amid a recent drilling slowdown, regional daily production averages enough natural gas to power more than 200,000 U.S. homes for a year. But … Continue reading

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Coast Guard Proposes to Transport Radioactive Fracking Wastewater by Barge via Reader Supported News

By Emily DeMarco he U.S. Coast Guard, which regulates the country-s waterways, will allow shale gas companies to ship fracking wastewater on the nation-s rivers and lakes under a proposed policy published Wednesday. The Coast Guard began studying the issue … Continue reading

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Treatment Plants Accused of Illegally Disposing Radioactive Fracking Wastewater via EcoWatch

A Pennsylvania industrial wastewater treatment plant has been illegally accepting oil and gas wastewater and polluting the Allegheny river with radioactive waste and other pollutants, according Clean Water Action, which announced today that it is suing the plant. […] State … Continue reading

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Radioactive fracking debris triggers worries at dump sites via TribLive

When a garbage truck from a shale gas well set off radiation detectors at a South Huntingdon landfill on April 19, it drew attention from township officials. But they aren’t the only ones watching what’s become a growing issue all … Continue reading

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Fracking Wastewater Can Be Highly Radioactive via Reader Supported News

Randy Moyer hasn’t been able to work in 14 months. He’s seen more than 40 doctors, has 10 prescriptions to his name and no less than eight inhalers stationed around his apartment. Moyer said he began transporting brine, the wastewater … Continue reading

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America’s Radioactive Secret via Rolling Stone

Justin Nobel In the popular imagination, radioactivity conjures images of nuclear meltdowns, but radiation is emitted from many common natural substances, usually presenting a fairly minor risk. Many industry representatives like to say the radioactivity in brine is so insignificant … Continue reading

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No fracking way! Fuki[u]shima is worse than ever via I, Cringely

[…] “The radiation levels inside Japan’s damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactor No. 2 have soared in recent weeks, reaching a maximum of 530 sieverts per hour, a number experts have called “unimaginable”.” That’s the most recent evidence. Click on it … Continue reading

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Duke Study Finds A “Legacy of Radioactivity,” Contamination from Thousands of Fracking Wastewater Spills via Desmog

Thousands of oil and gas industry wastewater spills in North Dakota have caused “widespread” contamination from radioactive materials, heavy metals and corrosive salts, putting the health of people and wildlife at risk, researchers from Duke University concluded in a newly … Continue reading

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Anti-CSG groups says use of radioactive materials should be disclosed via The Age

Radioactive material is being used at some coal seam gas drilling sites in NSW and Queensland, raising concerns about potential health and environmental impacts. A radiation management licence issued to US-based drilling company Halliburton shows it is permitted to use … Continue reading

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Will Fracking Cause Our Next Nuclear Disaster? via Truthout

[…] Salt-cavern storage was the plan for the Waste Isolation Pilot Project (WIPP), the world’s third-deepest geological repository, constructed and licensed to permanently dispose of radioactive waste for 10,000 years. The repository sits approximately 26 miles east of the town … Continue reading

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